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Commemorative set

Designer: (Ms.) Anthoula Lygka

Living personalities

Printer: Giesecke & Devrient Matsoukis S.A.

16 September 2013

Stamp dimensions: 30x42 mm


Perforation: 14x14¼


Sheet format: 25 stamps


Date of withdrawal: 15 September 2014



€0.05 Andrew Liveris

€0.10 Aris Patrinos

€0.20 Jim Gianopulos




€0.72 Stavros Niarchos Foundation

€0.80 Vangelis

€3.00 Nikos Aliagas




The first value in "Dimensions" or "Perforation" corresponds to the shorter of the two sides 



Living  personalities on Greek stamps?

part I

(Philotelia no. 680/2013, p. 161)

On 21 June there was and urgent meeting of the Advisory Council, in which the Philatelic Directorate of the Hellenic Post asked the Council members to:

…amend the 2013 program by including an additional stamp set titled "Distinguished Greek Personalities" in order to promote a foundation and five Greek personalities of our country that have offered significant social, scientific, business and charitable
contributions, as follows:

- Stavros Niarchos Foundation - Philanthropy Sector
- Vangelis - Arts & Letters Sector
- Jim Giannopoulos - Performing Arts & Cinema Sector
- Aris Patrinos - Science Sector
- Nikos Aliagas - Media Sector
- Andrew Liveris - Business Sector

...approve the mock-ups of the stamp set "Greek Distinguished Personalities", which is due to be released on 16 September 2013.

We shall not comment the fact that the six sectors were referred to in English, nor we shall get involved -at this stage- into the discussion on names.


But we can not stay silent in front of the unconcealed pressure against both the Board of the Hellenic Post and the Philatelic Directorate, in order to violate the fundamental principle that "living personalities are not depicted on stamps", insulting the timeless symbolic character of the Greek stamps.

We hope that, even at the last minute, wiser thoughts will prevail and this intended outrage will be called off.




Living  personalities on Greek stamps?

part II

(Philotelia no. 681/2013, p. 225)

On 16 September, six distinguished personalities will be awarded by a newly-born institution, and the awards will be bestowed by the nation's leaders in the Acropolis Museum. The shiny stage has been set by a fellow citizen with a very heavy name while bringing up front some International Foundation for Greece. Up to this point, there is nothing to criticize. On the contrary, we shall be there (mentally at least) in order to honour and applaud the honourees.


However, in honour of these personalities, a set of commemorative stamps will be issued on this particular day. Our fellow citizen of the previous paragraph, while been armed with inexhaustible force that some of us enjoy (quite wrongly) in times of absolute decline, has wrapped up in a single piece of paper the leadership of the Hellenic Post and forced them to issue stamps with living personalities.


At this particular point we said "no" in the previous number. In fact, judging from members' messages which have arrived in the meantime, the reaction against the upcoming stamps is solid and unanimous: "...a bad start is attempted...", "...anyone might apply pressure for his own stamp..."," act that  conceals illegal expediency... "," ...the interweaving is alive and well...", " might even provoke advertising...", "...let's see if they have the sensitivity to refuse the honour...", and many more, in exactly the same line as the Open Letter of the Hellenic Philatelic Federation which was sent out in July (see p. 242 of the current number).

We will not stop saying that the stamp is a timeless symbol of culture of this nation. It cannot end up like a firework in an occasion where lifestyle will surely prevail. After all, culture is one thing and lifestyle is another. For those who understand!



© Hellenic Philotelic Society 2001