Exhibits by class


Non-Competitive Classes
A1. Court of Honour
Andreadis, Stavros 8 “Kassandra” – Large Hermes heads of Greece (1861-1886)
Frenes, Norbert 8 Postal history of Greece from 1861 to 1885
Hackmey, Joseph 12 Classic France
A2. Official Class
Apostolou, Eleni (Hellenic Post – Philatelic Bureau) 2 Artist’s conception of contemporary philatelic issues
Gourzis, Yannis 2 Engravings
Lygka, Anthoula (Hellenic Post – Philatelic Bureau) 2 Artist’s conception of contemporary philatelic issues
Venieri, Theano (Hellenic Post – Philatelic Bureau) 2 Artist’s conception of contemporary philatelic issues
A3. Jury Class
Christou, Akis 8 Cyprus 1880-1896: The Victorian issues
Galinos, Alexandre 8 Un Levant Français inconnu, 1915-1923
Papadopoulos, Alexios 8 The British Postal Service in the Levant, 1857-1923
Samra, Sherif 1 Egypt 1879 Provisional Issue
Thomareis, George 8 Postal history of Thessaloniki, 15th c. to 1914
Virvilis, Anthony 8 The role of health offices and lazarets in Greece
ISFILA ISFILA 2014 Turkish stamps catalogue 1863-2013
A4. Special Exhibits Class
Simmermacher, René 3 Österreichische Postdienste auf Corfu/Kerkyra
Competitive Classes
B1. Classe des Champions (CC)
Panchev, Spas 8 Pre-liberation post offices in Bulgaria 1840-1879
Chauvet, Michèle 8 Hermès, 1ère émission de Grèce sur le courrier international 1861-1882
Dutau, Guy J. 8 Les lettres purifiées françaises en métropole et dans les pays occupés
Fanchini, Louis Pierre 5 Fabrication and postal usage of the Large Hermes Heads – Paris printings
Hadida, Maurice 8 Morocco postal history (1852-1925): Selection of the four foreign Post Offices (French, British, Spanish and German)
Bauer, Wolfgang 8 Greece: Incoming and outgoing mail 1828 to 1875 – Destinations and combination frankings
Knapp, Arnim 8 Correspondence of the Kingdom of Saxony with the “Old Italian States”
Maassen, Wolfgang W. Maassen / V. Schouberechts: Milestones of the philatelic literature of the 19th century
Maia, Júlio Pedroso 8 That glorious deed…
Ozbek, Ali 8 The Duloz Issues of the Ottoman Empire 1865-1882
Basaran, Mehmet 8 Ottoman Empire 1st issues – Tughra stamps 1863-1865
C1. Traditional Philately (TR)
Panchev, Spas 5 East Roumelia and South Bulgaria
Todorov, Orlin 8 Bulgaria “Small Lion” (1889-1901)
Karagiannidis, Anestis 5 1896 Olympics
Karagiannidis, Anestis 8 Small Hermes Heads of Greece 1886-1901
Bilandzic, Tihomir 1 Von idee bis verwendung “28. Oktober 1918”
Athanassiou, Costas 5 Cyprus from the Austrian Post Office to the issues of Queen Victoria 1845-1896
Charatsis, Demetris 5 Queen Victoria issues – Errors and varieties 1880-1896
Mortensen, Per Friis 8 Slovenia 1919-1921
Nielsen, Bent 5 Large Hermes Head
Saintot, Olivier 1 Les timbres-poste au type écusson oblitérés par avance
Popovski, Klime 1 The Economy issues, a part of the Yugoslavian definitive stamps
Savevski, Stevan 1 Air mail issues of USSR stamps in the period of 1922-1938
Agorastos, Christos 5 Eastern Rumelia
Calliga, Stephano A. 8 The Large Hermes Head – Specialized exhibit “Alexandros”
Cangelaris, Panayotis 1 The Czech Scout Post 1918
Cangelaris, Panayotis 1 The Glory Issue of Greece (1945)
Cangelaris, Panayotis 5 The Kingdom of Egypt (1922-1953)
Cangelaris, Panayotis 1 The Mafeking Blues 1900
Cangelaris, Panayotis 1 The Western Thrace Autonomous Government “Muhtariyet” Issue (1913)
Garilidis, Nikolaos 5 The felix and very rich hours of the Large Hermes Heads: a challenge for the collector
Manoloudis, Antony 5 The Lithographic Issue of 1912-1938
Tsironis, Michalis E. 8 The Olympic Issue of Greece 1906
Glassman, Les 8 Mocambique and Mocambique Company
Shtern, Shlomo 1 The road to Jerusalem
Biraghi, Daniele 8 The Siracusana
Fumu, Antonello 8 Classic Peru – 1857/73
Fumu, Antonello 1 The “Sun” four issues of Uruguay – 1856/62
Plugaru, Gheorghe 1 Personalized stamps of Moldova – Tiny windows to the world
Blijleven, Jan R. 5 Greece – Stamps with a perfin
Nanjee, Ali Raza 5 France 1871 – The 25 cents Cérès
Nanjee, Iqbal Hussain 8 Ottoman Turkey: Duloz issues (1865-75)
Barreiros, Luís Manuel Moreira 5 Portuguese India “The Native Issues” 1871-1885
Pereira, Claudino 5 Proofs and essays in the reign of King Luís I
Soeiro, João Lopes 5 Independence of Portugal issues
Iordache, Victor 8 1893/1908 – Romania – “The ear of wheat”
Iordache, Victor 8 Romania 1872-1880
Barać, Goran 1 Local issue Doboj – Republika Srpska
Janković, Milan 1 The first edition of definitive stamps in the Federal Peoples Republic of Yugoslavia
Radanović, Radenko 1 Specialties on the stamps of Republika Srpska
Tadić, Đorđe 5 Summer Olympic Games 1896-2012
Vlajnić, Boris 1 The first definitive issue of the Kingdom of SHS 1921
Markač, Marko 5 Provisional Issue Bosnia and Herzegovina 1918-1920
Petauer, Bostjan 5 Bosnia & Herzegovina 1914
De Quesada, Eugenio 5 Telegraph stamps of Cuba (1868-1896)
Perez, Rafael 8 Spain: Alfonso XII issues
Yazgan, Kamil Serdar 5 Republic of Turkiye (From Empire to Republic)
C2. Postal History (PH)
Basho, Jovan 5 Postal history during Italian occupation of Albania (1939-1943)
Gimjani, Muharem 5 The postal history of Albanian Kingdom
Nika, Thimjo 1 Austrian military posts in Albania 1916-1918
Schöpfer, Klaus M. 5 The Sanjak Novi Pazar – Post offices and services until 1918
Barneva, Lyudmila 5 Bulgaria – Post offices of royal palaces & royal mail 1886-1946
Todorov, Orlin 5 Bulgaria rural mail
Forbes, John Alexander 5 Cyprus – Air mail usages paid with King George VI definitives
Forbes, John Alexander 5 Cyprus – King George VI definitives used on surface mail
Glavic, Matej 1 Novska – Travelling post
Pervan, Berislav 5 Concentration camp mail in the Independent State of Croatia 1941-1945
Stefanovic, Zeljko 5 Independent State Of Croatia: Postal Rates 1941-45
Ioannou, Christakis 1 The postmarks used at the post offices of the Cyprus Government Railway 21.10.1905-31.12.1951
Theophilou, Stelios 8 Cyprus civil censorship 1914-1959
Vanicek, Vit 8 The postal history of Austrian Navy
Hamdy, Nael 5 The postal history of Egypt 1875-1913
Mady, Tarek Mokhtar 1 Shibin El-Kom postmarks 1870-1922
Salam, Hany 8 Egypt: Maritime mail routes, 19th century
Shoukry, Ibrahim Ismail 5 Light railways of Egyptian travelling post offices 1900-1945
Yousef, Ahmed 1 1897 Provisionally overprinted Egyptian stamps
Abensur, Brigitte 8 Utilisation des timbres au type Siège
Abensur, Robert 5 A voile ou à vapeur entre la France et l’étranger 1828-1849
Andrivon, Didier 5 Le courrier à Marseille, des origines à 1876
Dewulf, Jean-Philippe 1 100f Marianne de Gandon
Kahn, Serge 5 Charcot in the Antarctic
Lasserre, Serge 5 Le courrier pendant la pèriode de la poste Cantonale dans les Vosges
Sevin, Guy 5 Envoi d’une carte de visite pour 5 ctme maximum (1856-1924)
Taparel, Henri 8 Inflation et tarifs postaux en Russie (août 1917 – octobre 1923)
Hantzaridis, Nikolaus 5 Germany WWII: Inselpost 1944/45
Knapp, Arnim 1 The haste when receiving messages in the 19th century
Arvanitis, Thomas 5 The prephilatelic period of the Hellenic Postal Service
Cardassilaris, Nicos 5 Greek post offices in Asia Minor during the 1919-1922 campaign
Cardassilaris, Nicos 5 Greek post offices in Eastern Thrace 1920-1922
Daes, Ioannis 1 Postal seals (1829-1834)
Karanikolas, Nikolaos 5 Inselpost: The German military postal service of the Aegean Islands in 1944-1945
Koutsounakis, Manolis 1 The German Imperial Navy in Cretan blockade 1897-1898
Mylonakis, Manolis 8 Postal history of Crete
Nikolaidis, Andreas 5 Postal history of Pontus until 1923
Paschos, Athanasios 1 The Exchange Control in Thessaloniki 1936-1951
Perin, George 1 Dodecanese – Censorship during the Italian rule 1915-1944
Perin, George 5 Dodecanese – Postmarks of the Italian postal service 1912-1943
Petradakis, Michail S. 5 The Ottoman Post Offices of the Dodecanese 1868-1913
Ritoridis, Adrian 1 The suspension of postal services between the USA and Greece in WWII
Savopoulos, Alexandros 8 The triple occupation of Greece during World War II
Sotiropoulos, Georges 1 La présence des Serbes à Corfou pendant la Grande Guerre 1916-1918
Sotiropoulos, Georges 5 Taxes, modalités de taxation et traitement des lettres et des cartes postales dans le régime internationale, de et vers la Grèce 01.01.1899 – 31.12.1921 (Conventions de Washington et de Rome)
Tsipidis, Michael 1 Italian Occupation of the Aegean Islands May 1941 to November 1943
Vlachos, Gerasimos Michael 8 Ionian Islands – Postal history 1428-1864
Voyatzis, John 5 The Dardanelles campaign – 1915
Faibel, Hedy 8 Disinfection of mail in Europe 1450-1900
Faibel, Hedy 5 Teleorman County (Romania) postal system 1829-1899
Keller, Yuly 5 RSFSR – Revaluation of Imperial Russia stamps during the hyperinflation period (1917-1923)
Kossoy, Meer 1 Telegraph forms of Russia (1858-1879)
Kremener, Mordecai 8 Postal services in Beyrouth, Lebanon, until 1918
Leibu, Eddie 5 Romania: outbound mail, from the Crimean War to the UPU
Carloni, Mario Angelo 8 Dodecanese
Magnani, Giorgio 8 The Transatlantic mail services – Incoming mail from Central-South America to Italy since 1837 up to the end of the century
Manzati , Claudio Ernesto M. 5 Express service in italy (1890-2001) and its precursors from XV century
Morani, Vittorio 5 Tuscany
Nembrini, Giovanni 8 Mail system with the stamps of Umberto I of Italy from 15/08/1879 to 30/09/1902
Panza, Marco 5 The postal rates and the franchise in the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy 1805-1814
Perricone, Giulio 5 Rural post offices in Sicily during the period of the “Corsivi” postmarks
Rigo, Franco 8 Venice, the contagion, the quarantine, the disinfection, the quarantine hospitals … (postal history of the health office from the XVI to the XIX century)
Traina, Giuseppe 5 The use of 1 Lira stamps from Italy Ancient States to the Italian Republic
Katuric, Djordje 8 Bokelian seaman letters from and to sailing vessels 1830-1890
Katuric, Jelisaveta 1 Marine feldpost from Austroungarian navy ships 1914-1918
Katuric, Tomo 5 Occupation Montenegro and Bocca di Cataro 1941-1945
Katuric, Tomo 8 Postal history of Bocca di Cataro 1809-1875
Nanjee, Adnan Hussain 5 France and the Great War…
Nanjee, Afzal Hussain 5 Ottoman Empire – Bagdad Vilayet – Iraq (1876-1915)
Nanjee, Afzal Hussain 5 Ottoman Empire and role of British P.O’s Iraq (UPU to 1914)
Nanjee, Iqbal Hussain 8 Postal history of the Greek-Turkish War (1919-1922)… including Eastern Thrace
Lima Torres, Manuel 8 Portugal – Portuguese pre-philately
Boričić, Aleksandar 5 Partisan correspondence of Yugoslavia 1943-1945
Boričić, Aleksandar 5 Serbia and Montenegro in Balkan wars 1912-1913
Boričić, Aleksandar 5 The occupation of Montenegro in WW I
Boričić, Aleksandar 5 The occupation of Montenegro in WW II
Krstić, Aleksandar 5 Serbian army on Greek territory in WW I
Radovanović, Milan 1 Serbian telegraphic mail during the WW I
Tangl, Ivan 1 Petrovarad in prestamp philately period 1771-1850
Gustin, Veselko 5 Trieste, Gorizia, and Slovene littoral, 1918-1938
Tomc, Alojz 1 The Italian military post office no. 59 during World War II
De Melo Caravela, Adelino Adrião 8 Pre-philately – Handwritten marks
Sohrne, Bjorn Sweden 5 Postal story of Yemen 1873-1940
Akan, Mehmet 8 The last post office of the Ottoman Empire: Ankara 1841-1945
Giray, Kemal 5 PoWs in Turkey during the Great War
Hackmey, Joseph 5 Ottoman Post Offices in Greece
Melek, Cemil Sukru 5 Postal history of Hatay region
Mellaart, Alan Christopher 8 Ottoman Empire postal history of Greece 1840-1912
Orkut, Mehmet Hakan 5 Postal history of the Ottoman Empire
Oztuncay, Bahattin 8 Ottoman Fieldpost Offices during WWI
Papuccuoglu, Hulya 8 Ottoman Empire postal history 1840-1862
Tokoğlu, Necip 5 Ottoman postal history from Istanbul to the Balkans 1840-1918
Tunaci, Atadan 5 Ottoman Fieldpost 1914-1918
Tunaci, Atadan 8 Ottoman Railway postal history
C3. Postal Stationery (PS)
Novakovic, Damir 5 Postal stationery of the Kingdom of the S.H.S. and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia 1921-1941
Bardin, Guy 8 French sage stationery and money orders
Logette, Jean-François 5 Greece – Large Hermes Head postal stationery
Vaz Pereira, Pedro 8 Azores and Madeira – Postal stationery of monarchy
Gustin, Veselko 1 Landstrass-Kostanjevica na Krki, 1836-1945
Petauer, Bostjan 1 Bosnian Postal Stationery 1879-1899
Rodriguez, Paloma 5 Spain – Postal stationery (1873-1939)
Corapcioglu, Yavuz 8 Postal Stationery of the Ottoman Empire
C4. Aerophilately (AE)
Eliashiv, Yehoshua 8 The postal history of Latvian air mail 1921-1940
Cosh, Graham 8 German aerophilately 1888-1938
Gomez-Aguero Jimenez, Jose Pedro 8 Air mail on Spanish lands 1919-1939
Pastor, Vicente 5 Vuelos catapultados
C5. Astrophilately (AS)
Lafon, Jean-Louis 5 The European rockets
Ritoridis, Adrian 1 The Nazi rocket mail
Villa, Mario 8 Earth calls Space
Rigo, Antoni 1 Animales en el espacio
Rigo, Antoni 1 Dragon a la Estacion Espacial Internacional
C6. Revenues (RE)
Keramidoglou, Fotis 1 The revenues of Thrace 1920-1922
Petradakis, Michail S. 5 The revenue stamps of the Dodecanese
Van der Vliet, Oscar Cornelis Gerardus 5 Captured on an island! Revenues of Crete
C7. Thematic Philately (TH)
Aronis, Henri 5 Les dents dans leur environnement
Constantourakis, George 5 Greco-Roman Sculpture, Historical Development
Gennadiou, Antonis 5 Pre-war Olympic philately from hosting countries: The first sponsors and promoters of Olympic Games
Ioannou, Anastasia 5 Flowers: Medicinal, therapeutic and other related uses
Habé, Egon 8 Si la boulangerie-pâtisserie m’était contée
Herrmann, Daniel 5 Olympism, the perpetual battle by renovators
Pavleski, Sinisha 1 A parrot’s life for me
Pavleski, Sinisha 1 Rooster – Potent and brave
Popovski, Klime 1 Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius the Slav teachers and patrons of Europe
Chalvatzidopoulos, Ioakeim 5 Football
Olympios, Evangelos 5 Theatre
Panagopoulos, Yannis 1 A short philatelic review of Panamerican flying boats
Poularakis, Efstathios 1 Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – A poet of aviation
Duek, Paulo 1 Ayrton Senna 1960-1994
Mey – Raz, Yohanan 5 Watch yourself very carefully
Calani, Gianantonio 5 The old dream of 4 wheels
Picconi, Salvatore 1 The nuragic civilization
Hrustovici, Viorica 5 Woman in family life and society
Milu, Constantin 5 The Olympic stamps for First Olympic Games 1896 and Decennial 1906
Nicolau, Victor 1 Beethoven, the miracle of music
Vasile, Paul 1 The Beatles story
Vazquez, Aaron 5 Cipango way
Agaogullari, Mehmet Edip 8 The Summer Olympic Games
C8. Maximaphily (MA)
Nikolov, Nikolay 1 Michelangelo Buonarroti – The genius with four souls
Nikolov, Nikolay 5 The art of Italian renaissance
Constantourakis, George 8 Greco-Roman Sculpture
Antoniou, Georghios 5 Going through the European castles
Bandry, Pascal 5 Andorra
Bouveret, Bruno 5 Lighthouses and seamarks all over the world
Cochet, Serge 5 Two centuries of painting from Watteau to Toulouse-Lautrec
Georgiev, Doncho 1 Ohrid – City of UNESCO
Chalkiadakis , Antoine 5 Messages de la Bible
Samanidis, Konstantinos 5 Insects …and their unknown world
Barducci, Celeste 5 Personnages cèlébres D’Europe
D’Agata, Rosario 5 Reasons persons and events of Second World War
Greppi, Italo 5 Fortifications, castles and mansions over the centuries
Plugaru, Gheorghe 5 Moldova – My homeland
Ardeleanu, Gheorghe 5 Représentants illustres de la littérature française
Doros, Vasile 1 Célébrités féminines de la musique classique
Iancovici, Leon 5 The Leaders of the World (Part I: Monarchs and Nobility)
Iancovici, Leon 1 World War II – Causes
Oanca, Gabriel 1 Constantin Brancusi – Images et symboles de la sculpture
Ribarski, Jan 1 Faster than his shadow – Talicni Tom
C9. Open Philately (OP)
Stephanou, Stephanos 5 The Cyprus Government Railway (1905-1951) – The route through stations, sidings and halts
Apostolopoulos, Vassilios 5 To the footwear
Agrafiotis, Vasilis 2 Workers’ Olympiads
Kanakakis, Stavros 2 From ancient Olympia to the 1st contemporary Olympiad
Mavidis, Charalambos 4 The Greek fleet during the Balkan Wars 1912-1913
Sparis, George 3 The Greek-Turkish war of 1897
Tsipidis, Michael 5 The stamp dealers and the Greek philately 1890-1950
Bruno, Massimiliano 5 Kicking up the past
Polo, Pasquale 5 Through the colors of the rainbow
Ambrus, Francisc 5 100 years of Romanian Commerce and Stock Exchange 1847-1947
Gemicioglu, Cuneyt 5 A lifelong philatelist – Ismail Hakki Tevfik Okday
L1. Philatelic Literature (Handbooks and Special studies)
Nika, Thimjo Stamps and postal history of Albania
Marino, Manuel Leonardo Historias con historia
Pervan, Berislav Postanska cenzura u NDH – Postal Censorship in NDH (Independent State of Croatia)
Shoukry, Ibrahim Ismail Egypt: The rural postal service (an introduction)
Académie Européenne de philatélie Opus XV
Académie Européenne de philatélie Opus XIV
Académie Européenne de philatélie Opus XIII
Aronis, Henri Histoire de la médecine bucco-dentaire au travers de la philatélie (et autre objets)
Chauvet, Michèle Les tarifs helléniques des lettres internationales 1861-1878
Enke, Detlef Privatpost in Ostbrandenburg Band 08
Fritz, Rüdiger PdC. Pierre de Coubertin und die Olympia-Philatelie
Heinrich Köhler Auktionshaus GmbH & Co. KG Greece – Large Hermes Heads 1861-1886 – The Stavros Andreadis ‘Kassandra’ Collection
Heinrich Köhler Auktionshaus GmbH & Co. KG Principality of Serbia – The Predrag Antic Collection
Heinrich Köhler Auktionshaus GmbH & Co. KG Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic 1918-1923 – The Dr. Wolfgang Leupold Collection
Maassen, Wolfgang Alfred Moschkau. Philatelist, heimatkundler und museumsgründer. Ein mann, der zur legende wurde
Maassen, Wolfgang Bernd Juchert / W. Maassen (Editor): Brazil. Bull’s Eyes on cover
Maassen, Wolfgang Heinrich Köhler and his successors
Morgen, Peter N. Crete and the Aegean Islands – A forgotten war 1943-1945
Salzmann, Hans-Werner “Auch Helden haben Hunger” Feldpost der Verpflegungstruppen
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Michel Colour Guide (Michel-Farbenführer)
Calliga, Stephano A. The 20 Lepta ‘Large Hermes Head’ stamps of Greece / From legend to objective classification
Calliga, Stephano A. The stamps of the Large Hermes Head – Early Athenian period 1861-1863 – Variety of impressions by four methods of printing – Chronological sequence & duration of printings – Quantities – Circulation
Calliga, Stephano A. The stamps of the Large Hermes Head 1861-1886 – Overview – Precise depiction of the variety of impressions by four methods of printing – Sequence of printings
Daes, Ioannis 30 years of philatelic walks
Daes, Ioannis A look at the administrative seals and markings of the General Post Office (1821-1901)
Daes, Ioannis Incoming and outgoing international correspondence
Daes, Ioannis The Ionian postal rates
Kokonakis, Georgios Genuine and forged postal seals of Greek interest
Leoussis, Pantelis Handbook of Thematic Philately
Leoussis, Pantelis Music, theatre, dance
Papathanassiou, Kyriakos Scholia and Observations on the Large Hermes Head of Greece 1861-1886
AICPM – Associazione Italiana Collezionisti Posta Militare 1866. La terza guerra d’indipendenza. La posta militare italiana
Barion, Giuseppe The Olympics tell the history through philatelic images
CIFT – Centro Italiano di Filatelia Tematica Italia 150
CIFT – Centro Italiano di Filatelia Tematica La Costituzione Italiana attraverso la Filatelia Tematica – The Italian Constitution illustrated through the thematic philately
CIFT – Centro Italiano di Filatelia Tematica La Divina Commedia attraverso la Filatelia Tematica – The Divine Comedy through the Thematic Philately
De Simone, Francesco Il mio Santo protettore, Francesco di Paola
Dicati, Renato Stamping through astronomy
Leccese, Giorgio France 1, France 2, France 3, France 4: Unadopted proofs and essays
Leccese, Giorgio Monaco: Unadopted proofs and essays
Nicola Luciano Cipriani, Claudio Ernesto M. Manzati, Giovanbattista Spampinato Servizio prioritario
Rigo, Franco Once upon a time …Venice 1848-1849 First Indipendence Italian War – In memory of 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy 1861-2011
UICOS – Unione Italiana Collezionisti Olimpici e Sportivi Campionati Mondiali di Sci Alpino – 2 Vol.
Vaccari srl Proofs, essays and reprints of the II and III issues of the Kingdom of Sardinia. Study and catalogue.
Ciobanu, Constantin Postal and philatelic retrospective, vol. 4, Soviet Post in RSSM, 1940-1941, 1944-1991
Lu, David China: Airmails & Forerunners -The “DiaMond” Collection formed by May & David Lu
Podolecki, Feliks Henryk Poland Lwowska Dyrekcja Poczt i Telegrafów. Placówki pocztowe czynne w latach 1918-1939
Frazão, Luís Brito Portuguese pre-philately – Vol. I Postage stamps (handstruck and handwritten) used in mainland Portugal in the pre-stamp period (1799-1853)
Frazão, Luís Brito Portuguese pre-philately – Vol. II Postage stamps (hanstruck and handwritten) used in Overseas Portuguese Territories in the pre-stamp period (1799-1886)
Galveias, Francisco Matoso Firefighters in Portuguese philately
Sousa, José Geada Ouro vermelho e filatelia
Vaz Pereira, Pedro The Portuguese Post Office between 1853-1900 – Supplement I
Kim, Seong Kwon Wagner in philately
Nicolaie, Stan Symbiosis between perfin application on postmarks and mechanic franking
Radovanović, Milan Allies and Serbs during Great War ( 1914-1915) – Silent witnesses
De Quesada, Eugenio La leyenda de la Maja desnuda
De Quesada, Eugenio Study of Telegraph stamps of Cuba
FESOFI FESOFI asi fue y asi es hoy
FESOFI Los correos mayores de Indias
SOFIMA España colleccionista forum sellos fiscales y enteros postales
David Feldman Auctions Belgique/Belgium 3. L’émission de 1865 (formed by Anatoly Karpov)
David Feldman Auctions Kanai – Classic Japan – The Dragon and Cherry Blossom issues
Pruhnickiy, Vasiliy Andrey Frog is a living indicator of nature
Hughes, Philip J. Croatia 1941-1945 – Revenue issues
L2. Philatelic Literature (Catalogues)
Yvert et Tellier (Benoît Gervais directeur) Tome 1 France 2016
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Handbook “Bogenecken Deutsches Reich” (Corner sheets form the German Empire)
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Michel Catalogue Germany 2015/2016
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Michel CEPT catalogue
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Michel Europe Catalogue in 7 volumes
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Michel Junior Catalogue 2015
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Michel Overseas Catalogues in 10 volumes (18 parts – Part 1.1, 1.2, 3.1, 3.2, 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2, 6.1, 6.2, 8.2, 9.1, 9.2)
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Michel Specialized Catalogue Austria 2015
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Michel Specialized Catalogue Switzerland and LKB-Liechtenstein 2014/2015
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Michel Thematic catalogue Automobiles – Whole World 2015
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Michel Thematic catalogue Birds – Europe 2014/2015
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Michel Thematic catalogue Butterflies – Whole World 2015
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Michel Thematic catalogue Christmas – Whole World 2015
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Michel Thematic catalogue Football – Whole World 2014
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Michel Thematic catalogue Railways – Whole World 2014/2015
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Michel USA Specialized Catalogue 2014
Tarassouleas, Costas Hermes 2013 – Catalogue of Greek stamps and postal history
Vaccari srl Vaccari Prestige. Air mail from forerunners to space. The Enea collection. Public auction – sale catalogue n.83 – 14 December 2013
Buttigieg, Joseph The JB Catalogue of Malta Stamps and Postal History
Le Club de Monte-Carlo MonacoPhil 2013
Radicevic, Mihailo Catalog of post stamps of Montenegro 1874-2011
Kwoka, Stanisław Poland Datowniki Okolicznościowe 2002 -2003
Cojocar family Romanian revenues & cinderellas Catalogue
Filatov, Sergey Catalog of the Exhibition “Russian Art and Culture”
The publishing and trading centre “Marka” Signs of postal payment of the Russian Federation 2012-2014 (3 volumes)
The publishing and trading centre “Marka” Signs of postal payment. Zemstvo, Venden. Postage stamps, postal stationery 1866-1919. Local issue of the Russian Empire 1845-1915. Russian post abroad 1863-1920. Local issues of the Civil War time 1918-1923. The Tuvan People’s Republic 1926-1944. Local issues of the Russian Federation 1992-2006. (2 volumes)
L3. Philatelic Literature (Periodicals)
Sociedad Filatelica de Chile Chile Filatelico
Croatian Philatelic Federation Croatian Philately 1-4/2014
Croatian Philatelic Society Zadar Zadarski filatelist
Glavic, Matej Almanah 1994-2009
Pervan, Berislav Acta Philatelica Nova 2014 – Croatian Philatelic Almanac
AD Macedonian post Postage stamps 2014
De Jong, Kasper ArGe Bulgaria Rundbrief / Newsletter No. 30
Maassen, Wolfgang Phila Historica
Maassen, Wolfgang Philatelie
Maassen, Wolfgang The Philatelic Journalist
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH Wertvolles Sammeln (Valuable collecting)
Hellenic Philatelic Federation Philatelic Chronicles
Hellenic Philotelic Society Philotelia vol. 91 (2014)
Panhellenic Society of Thematic Philately The Thematic Philatelist
Philatelic Society of Athens To Grammatossimo
Philatelic Society of Lesvos Philatelic Lesvos
Union des Collectionneurs Grecs des Cartes Maximum Maximaphilie
Kleiner, Yehuda Holy Land Postal History Journal
AICPM – Associazione Italiana Collezionisti Posta Militare Posta militarte e storia postale
Batistini, Alviero Il Notiziario Tematico
Cavallaro, Umberto Ad*Astra
UICOS – Unione Italiana Collezionisti Olimpici e Sportivi Phila-Sport 2014-2015
Vaccari srl Vaccari Magazine 2014 (n.51+52) + analytical index 1989-2013
Bonnici, Alfred The Malta Philatelic Society Journal
Hillesum, René Filatelie vol. 92 (2014)
Postzegelvereniging Griekenland Bulletin Hermes
Associação Filatelia e Coleccionismo do Vale do Neiva Vale do Neiva Filatélico
The publishing and trading centre “Marka” Philately 2014
Barać, Goran Collector
FD Ljubljana Filatelisticni Zbornik XXIV/2014
FESOFI – NEXO El Eco Filatelico
Fricks, Ernest Collectors Club Philatelist vol. 93 2014
Y1. Youth Philately (Exhibitor’s age 10-15 years)
Akrap, Jakov Dominik 2 The cities of my childhood
Kujundzic, Valentina 1 Turtles
Antoniou, Ioanna 3 Birds: Masters of the skies
Constantinou, Elpida 3 Animals life on earth with maximum cards
Fotiou, Maria 3 China the great country (maximum cards)
Thrasivoulou, Eleftheria 1 Ballet, expression of human body and soul
Pron, Tanguy 3 The “rooster of Decaris” issue (France 1962-1967)
Doros, Calin Gabriel 1 Des Roumains renommés en France
Pušnik, Neža 3 An apple, frequently praised in myths and legends: An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Akan, Yasemin 3 Advertising and postal labels of Turkey
Y2. Youth Philately (Exhibitor’s age 16-18 years)
Mihailova, Evelina Ivanova 4 Bulgaria – Special postal services 1879-1946
Hamelin, Achille 3 French airmail postage stamps from 1984 to 1997
Gisbert Llacer, Miriam 3 Valencian prephilatelic marks XVII-XVIII century
Romero, Ana 3 The water: source of life
Akar, Rüya Yasemin 4 Turkısh sea mail
Y3. Youth Philately (Exhibitor’s age 19-21 years)
Bilandzic, Branimir 4 500th anniversary of discovery of America and Christopher Columbus
Pereira, Susana Ramos 5 Emission base “Popular Portuguese architecture 1985-1989”
Rodriguez, Pablo Lopez 4 Cancellations: spains 1850-1950