José Ramón MORENO
President Federation of European Philatelic Associations (FEPA)
…this philosophy will be the key for future international exhibitions…

It is a pleasure for me, on behalf of the Federation of European Philatelic Associations (FEPA) to welcome the celebration of the International Exhibition NOTOS 2015 in wonderful Athens.

The Hellenic Philotelic Society which has been so active, involved in organizing international exhibitions in 2004, 2005, 2009 and 2013, has demonstrated its outstanding level of efficiency, being able to combine high exhibition standards with reasonable budgets.

I am convinced that this philosophy will be the key for future international exhibitions all around the world. It is quite impressing that again Greece, through the Hellenic Philotelic Society, is leading European Philately with NOTOS 2015.

Philately has become an important factor in spreading and enriching culture and friendship amongst different countries. For sure NOTOS 2015 will develop and show these values.

On behalf of FEPA, I want to wish to the Hellenic Philotelic Society, the sponsors, Organizing Committee, exhibitors, commissioners, jurors and visitors every success, and to NOTOS 2015 to be a great exhibition.♦


President Hellenic Philatelic Federation
…a tradition a few thousand years old that will never change…

We all know how important exhibitions are for philately. The exhibitions reflect its progress, attract new collectors, offer the opportunity to find material and, above all, bring together friends, either older acquaintances or newer, who all together take part in the greatest festival of philately.

However, the economic crisis that has hit Europe in the recent years, reversed the regular evolution of the exhibitions. The reluctance of the national postal services to finance, the inability of the clubs or the national federations to assume the expenses, as well as the high cost of participation for the exhibitors have resulted in a dramatic decline of the number of exhibitions in Europe, in particular of the big international events.

A response to this major problem was proposed by Hellenic philately through the Hellenic Philotelic Society, with the setup of NOTOS 2015. In analyzing all parameters, the organizers kept the absolutely necessary for the accomplishment of an international exhibition and discarded anything that didn’t damage the purely philatelic/competitive part. The rationale for this decision was based on a highly logical argument: It is better to enjoy an exhibition with low entry fees for the exhibitors without medals or luxurious publications, instead of remaining idle and indifferent, refusing philately of its top manifestation.

It is certain that NOTOS 2015 will be a very successful exhibition. It is guaranteed by the reliability of the organizing society, the quality of the members of the Organizing Committee, but also by the affection of organized Hellenic philately, who wholeheartedly support the entire project. After all, history has shown that whenever Greeks undertook big international events (Athens 1896-1996, Olymphilex 2004, as well as the recent Athens Olympic Games), they delivered.

We therefore invite our foreign friends to honor NOTOS 2015 and be with us. Even if it might look austere and simple, Greek hospitality will be there. Because when Greeks have guests, every one of them becomes a small “Xenios Zeus”, a god of hospitality. It is a tradition a few thousand years old that will never change.♦

President Hellenic Philotelic Society (HPS) and OC NOTOS 2015
…see you all in Athens in November 2015…

The idea of an international philatelic exhibition intrigued us repeatedly at the Board of the Hellenic Philotelic Society. As we all know, the current situation has resulted to fewer philatelic exhibitions with high exhibitor’s fees and therefore reduced participation. Having been convinced that the main reason is not the economic downturn but the crisis of principles and ideas and the lack of human resources, we decided to take the risk and organize an international philatelic exhibition based on cooperation and volunteering with main weapons our own significant experience and our members’ contribution.

An exhibition which might not possess the luxuries of the past, it will however enjoy the qualities of an international philatelic exhibition. An international philatelic exhibition with new and progressive ideas which we hope and dream to bring a change: the NOTOS 2015.

Two years ago, when we decided to organize the “Hellas-Cyprus 2013”, we appointed an Organizing Committee which, after acquiring the proper homogeneity, coherence and the necessary experience for its younger members, it would go ahead to organize a bigger international. The second step was to obtain the necessary exhibition space. Our problem was solved by the Mayor Andreas Pachatouridis, who provided the Peristeri Exhibition Centre at no charge. We thank him very much. Then we ensured the support of both the Hellenic Philatelic Federation and the Hellenic Post (ELTA), as well as of the Federation of European Philatelic Associations (FEPA), which granted patronage to NOTOS 2015, at its annual Congress in Lugano. We are grateful to all.

What is left? The most important! The philatelic exhibits. I therefore urge you, dear friends philatelists, not only to send us your wonderful exhibits created with so much care, but also to visit NOTOS 2015, the philatelic celebration we are preparing.

See you all in Athens in November 2015.♦