Three Grand Prizes will be awarded by the NOTOS 2015 International Jury as follows:


gp_cch gp_int gp_nat
Grand Prix
de la Classe des Champions
Grand Prix
Grand Prix
“ilias LALAoUNIS” creation, decorated with the NOTOS 2015 logo engraved on 925° silver disc


Special Prizes are offered courtesy of their respective donors and will be awarded by the International Jury to certain exhibits in appreciation of outstanding philatelic merit or exceptional material.

sp_fepa sp_aijp sp_france
1. Federation of European Philatelic Associations (FEPA):
One kreuzer Austrian stamp,
issued 1850, gold plated
2. Association Internationale
des Journalistes Philatéliques:

Milestones of the
Philatelic Literature of the 19th c.
3. Fédération Française des
Associations Philatéliques:

FFAP porcelain vase
sp_israel sp_monaco sp_montenegro
4. Israel Philatelic Federation: Jerusalem panorama silver 5. Club de Monte-Carlo:
Principality of Monaco 2011
euro coin set
6. Union of Philatelists of Montenegro:
Ceramic plate with ornaments
of Montenegro
7. Federación Española de Sociedades Filatélicas (FESOFI):
Don Quixote and his squire
Sancho Panza
8. Union of Philatelists of Serbia:
The White Angel
(Mileševa monastery)
9. Albanian Collectors Association:
Porcelain dish with block of
Cultural Heritage Day of Albania
sp_cyprus sp_portugal
10. Philatelic Association of Slovenia:
“Two drunkards”
copy of a beehive panel (19th c.)
11. Cyprus Philatelic Society:
Ancient ship – Silver plated
with Swarovski crystals
12. Feder. Portuguesa de Filatelia:
G. Coutinho’s and S. Cabral’s
sextant – first aerial crossing
of the South Atlantic in 1922
sp_korea sp_dodecanese sp_hermes_club
13. Kim, Seong Kwon
(Republic of Korea):
Korean traditional
jewelry box
14. Philatelic Association
of Dodecanese:
The islands’ symbols
15. Hermes Club (Greece):
Maps and map makers
of the Aegean
16. Fédération des Associations
Philatéliques de Turquie:
Handpainted Turkish coffee cups
17. Tsironis, Michalis (Greece):
The Olympic issue 1906
18. Hellenic Philatelic Society
of Thessaloniki:
Alexander the Great
(Pella Museum)
19. Philatelic Society of Lesvos:
Aegean – People and places
20. Philatelic Society of Athens:
Athens (Rethink Athens)
21. Union des Collectionneurs Grecs des Cartes Maximum:
Εarly cycladic motif
(Benaki Museum)
22. Hellenic Philatelic Federation:
Tanagra figurine
(National Archaeological Museum)
23. Philatelists of Athens:
Phaistos disc
(National Archaeological Museum)
24. Panhellenic Society of Thematic Philately:
Cycladic art figurine
(National Archaeological Museum)
25. Federazione fra le Società
Filateliche Italiane:
Plaque with the exhibition logo
26. Philatelic Society of Piraeus:
Last Supper
by Michael Damaskinos 16th c.
27. Union of Bulgarian Philatelists:
Virgin Mary and Jesus
 sp_nanjee sp_peristeri
28. The Nanjee family (Pakistan):
Jewel box
29. Municipality of Peristeri:
Flying dove: symbol of the
Municipality of Peristeri