Awards dinner


Jean Pierre Magne, Secretary, Anthony Virvilis, President, and José Ramón Moreno, Honorary President of the Jury (14.11.2015)


The three Grand Prix and the three Court of Honour plates created by “ilias LALAoUNIS” (14.11.2015)


Costas Chazapis, General Commissioner, and Joseph Hackmey, Court of Honour (14.11.2015)

Norbert Frenes, Court of Honour, and Costas Chazapis, General Commissioner (14.11.2015)

Manolis Mylonakis, Anestis Karagiannidis and Stephano Calliga, Grand Prix National candidates (14.11.2015)

Pantelis Leoussis, Hellenic Philatelic Federation President, and Anestis Karagiannidis, Grand Prix National winner (14.11.2015)

Anthony Virvilis, Jury President, and Vittorio Morani, Grand Prix International winner (14.11.2015)

Michèle Chauvet and Arnip Knapp, Grand Prix de la Classe des Champions candidates (14.11.2015)

José Ramón Moreno, FEPA President, and Michèle Chauvet, Grand Prix de la Classe des Champions winner (14.11.2015)

Anthony Virvilis receives the FEPA 25th Anniversary Certificate of Gratitude from Alfred Kunz and José Ramón Moreno (14.11.2015)

FEPA honours George Sparis, NOTOS 2015 OC President. The commemorative plate is handed by José Ramón Moreno to Anthony Virvilis (14.11.2015)

FEPA honours Costas Chazapis, NOTOS 2015 General Commissioner, who receives the commemorative plate from José Ramón Moreno (14.11.2015)

The Bulgarian Federation honours George Sparis, Anthony Virvilis and Costas Chazapis for their work in NOTOS 2015. Spas Panchev, President of the Bulgarian Federation between Costas Chazapis and Anthony Virvilis (14.11.2015)

President Maassen is handed back the AIJP flag from NOTOS 2015 OC members: Anthony Virvilis, Wolfgang Maasen, Ioakim Chalvatzidopoulos, Vasilis Petroheilos, Nikos Mallouchos, Andreas Nikolaidis, Anthony Manoloudis, Costas Chazapis (14.11.2015)

President Moreno and the FEPA Board members are handed back the FEPA flag: Costas Chazapis, Anthony Virvilis, José Ramón Moreno, Birthe King, Alfred Kunz, Bojan Bracic, Nicos Rangos, and Pantelis Leoussis (14.11.2015)