Stamp dealers


The Hellenic Post will be present at the exhibition with a spacious stand which will include an active post office. It will be located at the foyer of the exhibition centre, along with a number of stamp dealer tables.

S1. Hellenic Post (ELTA) website:
S2. C. Tarassouleas & Co. website:
address: Stadiou 10 (inside the arcade), 10564 Athens
tel no.: +30 210 3255564
person to contact: Costas TARASSOULEAS
S3. Dimitris Perdikis website:
person to contact: Dimitris PERDIKIS
S4. Kostas Stogiantzikis website:
address: Stadiou 39, 10559 Athens
tel no.: +30 210 3210357
person to contact: Kostas STOGIANTZIKIS
S5. Anastasia Paidoussi website:
address: Ippokratous 13 (Stoa Opera), 10679 Athens
tel no.: +30 210 3636382
person to contact: Aimilios PAIDOUSSIS
S6. Ilissia Stamps website:
address: Papadiamantopoulou 68, 15771 Ilissia
tel no.: +30 210 7703677
person to contact: Ioannis SITARENIOS
S7. Acropolis Stamps e-mail:
address: Emm. Benaki 5, 10564 Athens
tel no.: +30 210 3218398
person to contact: George CHATJITHEODORIDIS
S8. Marios Galenos e-mail:
address: Stadiou 39 (Stoa Orfanidou), 10559 Athens
tel no.: +30 6932 147917
person to contact: Marios GALENOS
S9a. A. Karamitsos website:
address: Tsimiski 34, 54623 Thessaloniki
tel no.: +30 2310 264366
person to contact: Argirios KARAMITSOS
S9b. Athens auctions website:
address: Pindarou 7, 10671 Kolonaki, Athens
tel no.: +30 210 3250173
person to contact: Christos KITSOS