Balance sheet

The Balance Sheet was prepared by the Treasurer and approved by the OC on 23 December 2015. It will be published in the upcoming numbers of FEPA News and Philotelia.

INCOME (euro)
Frame fees 1st period (1) 882
Frame fees 2nd period 23.820
Dealers’ stands 1.350
Palmares dinner tickets 3.535
Hermes Club (2) 11.425
Total 41.012
Presentation of NOTOS 2015 in Lugano (Sept. 2014) 400
FEPA Consultant’s trip to Athens (Aug. 2015) 640
FEPA Patronage 5.000
Jury air tickets 3.370
Jury catering 850
Security 2.508
Exhibition hall constructions, services, installations etc. (3) 7.100
Hotel accommodation for Jury/Commissioners 12.145
Palmares dinner 5.500
Refreshments at the AIEP Gen. Assembly and FEPA Congress 330
Transportation of Jury/Commissioners etc. (4) 1.450
Secretariat and various expenses (5) 1.534
Bank charges 185
Total 41.012
(1) NOTOS 2015 international (12-15 Nov.) was preceded by NOTOS 2015 Collectables (4-10 Nov.) which except philately catered all other possible collections at 3 euro/frame.
(2) The appeal of Hermes Club in 2015 to the Hellenic Philotelic Society members and friends resulted to 10.927 euro. The balance was covered by the Hermes Club assets. In addition, three Jurors offered not to be compensated for their air tickets, a member offered the two Grand Prix plates and the three plates for the invited collections in the Court of Honour, whereas the Hellenic Philatelic Federation offered one Grand Prix plate.
(3) The Hellenic Post covered the transportation and mounting/dismounting expenses of the frames.
(4) The Jury/Commissioners were provided with metro tickets between the hotel and the exhibition. However, two general strikes of public transportation, on the first and last day of the exhibition, forced the OC to hire coaches. The transportation of Jury/Commissioners from the airport (11 Nov.) was taken care of mainly by OC members and volunteers.
(5) Mainly printing and various smaller expenses plus the photographer. All flags but one were offered by the Municipality of Athens and various Embassies.
(6) The Hellenic Post supplied the OC with stamps of 5.000 euro face value. They were mainly used for posting the certificates and sending back some exhibits.