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Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatéliques (AIJP)

Journal: The Philatelic Journalist

The AIJP is an international association of authors, publishers and journalists of philatelic literature. It was founded in 1962, in Prague, by Pierre Séguy, on the tracks of the pre-war Fédération International de La Presse Philatélique, the pioneer body of philatelic press worldwide.

The primary objectives of the AIJP are:
– peace and friendship and the true promotion of information,
– fight against fakes and speculation to protect philately,
– promoting the interests of the journalists, authors and the philatelic press,
– promoting the cooperation between the philatelic press, to translate articles and disseminate articles,
– support the publication, the distribution and the sale of important philatelic literature securing the position of philatelic literature at exhibitions.

The current AIJP Board was elected for a four-year term in 2013. President: Wolfgang Maassen (Germany); Vice-President: Aad Knikman (Netherlands); Vice-President: Giancarlo Morolli RDP (Italy); Secretary General: Rainer von Scharpen (Germany); Treasurer: Hans Schwarz (Switzerland); Directors: René Hillesum (Netherlands); Marc Bottu (Belgium).

During the last few years, the AIJP website ( uploads a well-documented important philatelic story every two or three days. It definitely ranks among the top philatelic news websites and is by far the best informed in philatelic literature.

The AIJP realized that one of the major objectives of the OC NOTOS 2015 was to give special attention to philatelic literature by (a) accepting entries from all over the world and by (b) adopting the submission of one instead of two copies for each literature exhibit. To the benefit of both the AIJP and OC NOTOS 2015, on 31 December 2014, the AIJP Board granted patronage to NOTOS 2015 and appointed Giancarlo Morolli its representative to the exhibition.

AIJP Representative in NOTOS 2015