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“Collecting Matchbox” by the SOFIA Foundation

18 October 2015: “Collecting Matchbox”: The SOFIA Foundation ( will exhibit hundreds of model cars, boxes, cases, books, catalogs, advertisements, displays and so much more, a complete picture with examples from all periods of the Matchbox, the beloved, timeless and classic brand of children toys. Just a small sample of the great Toy Collection of the SOFIA Foundation.

Historical Archive National Bank of Greece

7 October 2015: The Historical Archive National Bank of Greece will participate in NOTOS 2015 with an impressive exhibit for Aspiotis Printers, leader of the field for practically the whole of the 20th century. The exhibit will occupy a 60 sq m space and will primarily specialize on stages of stamp production (artists’ designs, essays, proofs etc.), but it will also comprise samples of a large variety of other Aspiotis products, as well as samples of other collections of the National Bank.

NOTOS 2015 stamps

2 October 2015: The Hellenic Post is preparing two postage stamps, one miniature sheet and a series of special commemorative cancellations dedicated to NOTOS 2015. They will be released during the exhibition and will be available at the post office which will be installed inside the exhibition hall.

Special Prizes

21 August 2015: Special Prizes already confirmed were uploaded today at They are offered courtesy of their respective donors and will be awarded by the International Jury to certain exhibits in appreciation of outstanding philatelic merit or exceptional material.

FEPA Consultant visits Athens

3 July 2015: Alfred Kunz, the current FEPA Treasurer and appointed FEPA Consultant in NOTOS 2015, concluded today his three-day visit to Athens. Accompanied by George Sparis, OC President, and other OC members, he was updated on all aspects of the preparation of the exhibition, inspected the exhibition grounds and had the opportunity to stay at the Amalia Hotel Athens, the official hotel of the exhibition. Yesterday, at 7.30 pm, at the Hellenic Philotelic Society premises, the FEPA patronage agreement was signed between the three parties involved; FEPA, the Hellenic Philatelic Federation (the FEPA member) and the Hellenic Philotelic Society (NOTOS 2015 organizers). Images are uploaded at