Be a Donor

Friends in philately all over the world, we wish to invite you to financially support our NOTOS 2021 exhibition.

Your donations will be added to the HERMES CLUB fund whose exclusive purpose since its establishment, back in 1984, has been the financing of philatelic exhibitions organised by the Hellenic Philatelic Society. Your donor’s program may be materialized in two ways:

  1. By offering a promissory note for cash deposit and/or
  2. By offering of philatelic lots

2018-21 DONORS’ LIST

Aristeidis Mantadelis
Nicholas Asimakopulos (US)
Christos Gikas
Nikos Varouxis
Evangelos Koutsikas
Anthony Virvilis
George Sotiropoulos
Robert Wightman (CH)
Nikos Mallouchos
Vassilis Apostolopoulos
Eugene Mandarakas
Costas Tarassouleas
Michael Tseriotis (CY)
Spyros Klipfel
Costa Politis (US)
The Philatelists of Athens
Panagiotis Rassias
George Perin
Nikos Karanikolas
Georges Mathas (FR)
Elias Gemeliaris
Lorentzos Chazapis
Louis Fanchini (FR)
Serge Kahn (FR)
Panhellenic Society of Thematic Philately and Youth
Efstratios Macris (FR)
John Daes
Michèle Chauvet (FR)
Anestis Karagiannidis (CA)
Wolfgang Bauer (DE)
Stephen Schumann (US)
Ioannis G. Sitarenios (Ilissia Stamps)
Alexandre Galinos (
A. Karamitsos International Auctions
Cyprus Post (CY)
Nikos Karniaoutakis
Stavros Andreadis
Costas Ramakis
Chandrajit Ghose (IN)
Nikos Totsios
Nikolaus Hantzaridis (DE)
Michalis Vaitis
Tax Advisors (
Claudio Ernesto Mario Manzati (IT)
Cooper Pharmaceuticals SA
Paul Wijnants (BE)
Turhan Turgut (TR)
Mellon Group of Companies
Petrakopoulos Wines
Evangelos Karras
Hellenic Healthcare Group
Akis Christou (CY)
Paolo Guglielminetti (IT)
George Thomareis
Académie Européenne de Philatélie
four anonymous

1. Promissory Note for cash deposit

Just send us a promissory note in the form of a memo or a notification, in which you tell us how often you wish to deposit the amount of your choice. We would like to propose two equal installments as follows:

First installment: First half of 2021
Second installment: Second half of 2021

You may prefer to deposit the total of your donation in a single installment. If you require to change the schedule or the amount to be deposited at any time during the two periods, just let us know. In any case, please use the attached form: Promissory Note for cash deposit

2. Offering of philatelic lots

The auctioning of the philatelic lots we invite you to offer to the common cause will be a significant addition to the HERMES CLUB fund. The philatelic lots may comprise of one or more items. It would facilitate the process if the market value of each lot was at least 100 euro.

Please use the attached form: Offering of philatelic lots

Our appreciation
As a token of our appreciation for your donations, we would like to offer you the following:

(i) Donations to 300
– Honorary mention in the exhibition website and the exhibition digital bulletin*
– Special honorary donor’s diploma
– Donor’s HERMES CLUB pin

(ii) Donations of 300 or more
as in (i) plus:
– Honorary seat at the Opening Ceremony
– Honorary mention on a banner at the exhibition entrance*
– Two free tickets in the Palmares

(iii) Donations of 1,000 or more
as in (ii) plus:
– Two more free tickets (for a total of four) in the Palmares

(iv) Donations of 3,000 or more
as in (iii) plus:
– Lifetime membership subscription in the Hellenic Philatelic Society

* Please let us know if you prefer to remain anonymous

The H.P.S. and NOTOS 2021 OC are grateful