In the news 2018

The FIP grants Recognition to NOTOS 2021
In the 119th FIP Board Meeting in Santiago, Chile, on 11 October, the Board members unanimously granted Recognition to NOTOS 2021. FIP Vice-President Bernard Jimenez was appointed the FIP Liaison Officer.

The European Academy of Philately (AEP) also grants its Patronage
The AEP Board notified today the NOTOS 2021 OC that their application to receive the Academy’s patronage was unanimously accepted. The AEP will participate in the exhibition with a number of members’ philatelic presentations as well as a series of important exhibits.

Patronage granted by the AIJP
The International Association of Philatelic Journalists (AIJP) granted its Patronage to NOTOS 2021 during its Board Meeting yesterday. At the AIJP Annual Congress convened today in Prague, Wolfgang Maassen, AIJP President, and Costas Chazapis, Head of NOTOS 2021 OC, signed the Patronage Agreement.

W. Maassen and C. Chazapis
(photo: Claudia Maassen)

I support NOTOS 2021
The campaign to financially support NOTOS 2021 was launched on 25 June, when letters were mailed to members and friends of the Hellenic Philatelic Society. On 29 June, which is only four days later, the OC received the first Promissory Note for cash deposit. The OC highly appreciated the generosity of this valued donor.

Andreadis wins the World Stamp Championship
Last night during the Israel 2018 WSC Palmares, Stavros Andreadis was voted by the Jury the FIP World Stamp Champion. He received 18 votes out of 24. Stavros’ “Kassandra” renowned collection is the best exhibit on the Large Hermes Heads of Greece ever presented to the public. He won Large Gold in his first participation in an FIP exhibition, in Espana 2004. He then won consecutive LGs in Washington 2006, Portugal 2010 (also candidate for the Grand Prix International) and New York 2016 (also candidate for the Grand Prix d’Honneur).

Stavros Andreadis (middle) receives the World Stamp Championship from the FIP President, Tay Peng Hian RDP (right), and the Manager of the Israeli Philatelic Service, Elhanan Shapira (left).
Stavros Andreadis addresses the audience at the Philatelic Summit 2018 in Sani Dunes, Chalkidiki, Greece (photo courtesy Jonas Hällström RDP).

NOTOS 2021 campaign kickoff
Yesterday evening, in a packed room at the HPS premises, the NOTOS 2021 OC officially presented the upcoming exhibition to the HPS members and friends, as well as members of other philatelic societies. The first part of the Powerpoint presentation included a three-minute slide show with familiar photos from the 2015 exhibition. The second part was dedicated to the 2021 event and produced the answers to three simple questions: (a) What is NOTOS 2021? (b) How is this going to be accomplished? and (c) Why are we doing it? The warm response by the audience at the end of the show gave way to a lot of happy moments at the reception that followed.

The guests are getting seated
HPS President I. Chalvatzidopoulos welcomes the audience
Memories of 2015 on the presentation slide: The late HPS President G. Sparis with NOTOS 2015 FEPA Consultant A. Kunz
At the end of the presentation: C. Chazapis of NOTOS 2021 OC with A. Giannakopoulos, President of the Philatelic Society of Athens

Photos by N. Varouxis and (Ms.) M. Tsiaousidou

Patronage granted by FEPA
The FEPA Board granted today the FEPA Patronage to NOTOS 2021 – European Philatelic Exhibition, as it was kindly requested by the OC in their letter dated 22 April.

The Federation approves
Yesterday, during the regular meeting of the Board of the Hellenic Philatelic Federation (EFO), the proposal of the NOTOS 2021 OC for staging the exhibition was unanimously approved. The Federation will wholeheartedly support the project and its President will co-sign any necessary papers need to be addressed to FEPA and FIP along with the Head of the OC.

The HPS approves
The Administrative Council of the Hellenic Philatelic Society (HPS) approved the proposal as set out by the NOTOS 2021 OC. The proposal included the basic plan and an outline of the exhibition budget. The HPS also entrusted to the NOTOS 2021 OC the management of the Hermes Club, which will financially support the exhibition.

The website is up
We proudly announce NOTOS 2021 – European Philatelic Exhibition! Although this time we are working on a full Continental event, we chose to stick to the name NOTOS as a reminiscence of the 2015 exhibition. So, stay in touch with the website which was launched today. We shall do our best to keep you posted.

Finalising the details
The provisional OC held a second meeting in Piraeus, so that certain details are finalised before the official announcements will be communicated to the Hellenic Philatelic Federation (EFO) and the European Philatelic Federation (FEPA). The exhibition standards and the participation limits were set out and the budget was outlined. In the meantime, among the candidate names that were proposed and openly discussed, NOTOS 2021 seems to be gaining ground.