In the news 2019

FEPA Patronage Agreement signed in Monaco
On Friday 29 November, during the FEPA Congress in Monaco, Ari Muhonen, FEPA Consultant for NOTOS 2021, and Costas Chazapis, Head of NOTOS 2021 OC, signed the FEPA Patronage Agreement.

The FEPA Patronage was granted by the FEPA Board to the exhibition on 5 May 2018 and ratified by the FEPA Congress in Prague on 19 August 2018.

A. Muhonen (left) and C. Chazapis (right) shaking hands after the signing of the Agreement. 
Further to the right, FEPA Board members Birthe King and Alfred Kunz.
(photo: José Ramón Moreno)

Bulletin No. 1 was released today
Bulletin No. 1 was released today with a lot of useful information on NOTOS 2021. The 38-page booklet will not be printed; it will only be available in pdf format.

Its main topics include the Individual Regulations (IREX) and the newly developed software that is going to be used by anyone involved in NOTOS 2021.

It also features two of the exhibits in the Court of Honour, that have already confirmed: The “Magnificent Seven”, i.e. the seven printing plates of the Large Hermes Heads, presented by the Philatelic and Postal Museum, Athens, and a collection of documents showing the “Genesis of the Hellenic Post”, presented by the General State Archives.

Download the Bulletin No. 1 here

NOTOS 2021 IREX is now on-line
Earlier this week, NOTOS 2021 IREX details were finalised. They were subsequently agreed between the FEPA Consultant and the OC. The IREX was later uploaded on the exhibition website (Menu: The Show > Regulations) along with all the FIP and FEPA regulations observed in NOTOS 2021.

You can get the IREX elegant booklet directly from here (4.2 MB). When you read it, you will realize that it reflects everything the OC has so far promised: Innovation, technology and imagination, along with high philatelic standards, low participation fees and respect to the Philatelic Literature exhibitors.

The French “Le Monde” on NOTOS 2021!
The extensive report of L’Écho de la timbrologie (July-August 2019) on “Le championnat de France” in Montpellier in June and the Grand Prix awarded to Louis Fanchini’s exhibit “The production and the postal use of the Large Hermes Heads of Greece (1861-1886)” caused a multiple chain reaction. As a result, NOTOS 2021 was included in the pages of Le Monde, with double reference to the exhibition website!
In a two-page interview in the same issue of L’Écho, Louis described the most fascinating details on the Large Hermes Heads and emphasized that the seven typographic plates of the first Greek stamps will be exhibited to the public for the first time in Athens in 2021.
The article in Le Monde, “Philatelic summer readings”, included summaries of stories from four French philatelic journals. Luckily for us, the connection Montpellier – Louis Fanchini – Large Hermes Heads – Typographic plates – NOTOS 2021 was selected by Le Monde to represent the summer writings of L’Écho. Read the complete article here.

New photos of the Large Hermes Heads plates
We have the pleasure to present to the public brand new photographs of the LHH plates, taken a few days ago by the renowned Greek photographer and good friend of NOTOS 2021, Ioannis Assimakopoulos. The shooting took place in the basement of the Museum, with the co-operation of the Museum staff and under the supervision of its Director, Vassilis Tountas.

The visitors of the website now have the opportunity to closely examine six of the seven plates (1, 2, 5, 10, 40 and 80 lepta) here, before they will be exhibited in November 2021. Right now, the seventh plate (20 lepta) is under reconstruction.

New friends are getting on board
On the road to 2021, a number of companies show special interest in NOTOS 2021. They are impressed by the targets set by the Organizing Committee and appreciate its practices. These are major Greek companies with international orientation, or subsidiaries in Greece of known multinationals. Their trust in the project is expressed by granting the use of their logo on the homepage of this website.
The OC welcomes them on board!

The General State Archives in NOTOS 2021
We have the pleasure to announce that the General State Archives have agreed to join NOTOS 2021 in presenting to the public the very first documents related to postal activities in Greece during the War of Independence and the newborn State. Exhibits will include:
(a) The annual contracts for the operation of Kardaras postal service (1821-1827)
(b) Kapodistrias’ proclamation on the establishment of the State postal service (1828)
(c) The postal regulations of Poros (1828), Aegina (1829) and Nafplion (1829 & 1834)

Jenny and Norman Banfield in Greece and the HPS
Yesterday evening, we had the pleasure to welcome in the HPS Jenny and Norman Banfield from New Zealand. Getting back from Essen 2019 and on their way to Stockholmia 2019, they had very wisely decided to spend two weeks in Greece. Jenny was very kind to present and talk on her LG Open Class exhibit, Medicine – Its History and Development.
Jenny is President of FIP Maximaphily Commission, exhibiting as well in Revenues and Open Class. Norman is Acting President of FIP Aerophilately Commission, exhibiting as well in Postal History. As active exhibitors, jurors and national commissioners, they have visited numerous philatelic exhibitions all over the world.
What a better opportunity for NOTOS 2021 people to talk about exhibitions, and hear the most funny stories in bin rooms, jury rooms, customs offices, airports etc. while enjoying fresh fish and fine wine in a nice place in the heart of Piraeus!

Norman Banfield, Anthony Virvilis, Andreas Nikolaidis, Jenny Banfield, Costas Chazapis

The OC expresses gratitude to its donors
Members and friends got together yesterday evening in the HPS premises, in order for the OC to express its gratitude and present the donor’s Hermes Club pin to each one that has responded to that day to the call for financial support to NOTOS 2021.

At the opening, Ioakeim Chalvatzidopoulos, HPS President, welcomed the guests, and was followed by Costas Chazapis who presented briefly the progress of the preparations and the short-term targets as set by the OC.

I. Chalvatzidopoulos welcomes the guests
C. Chazapis during his presentation

Next, George Sotiropoulos, Hermes Club Director, handed the pins to the donors, while Nikos Mallouchos was on the roll call. The list included 25 names plus 3 anonymous and fortunately enough most of the recipients were present. The ones who could not make it will receive their pin in a future occasion.

It was an excellent chance for good friends to get together and enjoy delicious finger food and fine wine at the closure. As is always the case after all!

Donor A. Mantadelis (right)
and G. Sotiropoulos (left)
Donor N. Asimakopulos (right)
and G. Sotiropoulos (left)
Donor C. Gikas (right)
and G. Sotiropoulos (left)
Donor N. Varouxis (right)
and G. Sotiropoulos (left)
Donor A. Virvilis (right)
and G. Sotiropoulos (left)
Donor V. Apostolopoulos (right)
and G. Sotiropoulos (left)
Donor E. Mandarakas (right)
and G. Sotiropoulos (left)
Donor C. Tarassouleas (right)
and G. Sotiropoulos (left)
Donor V. Sekopoulos (right),
President of the Philatelists of Athens
and G. Sotiropoulos (left)
Donor P. Leoussis (right),
President of the P.S. of Thematic Philately
and G. Sotiropoulos (left)
Donor S. Klipfel (right)
and G. Sotiropoulos (left)
Donor L. Chazapis (left)
and I. Chalvatzidopoulos (right)
Donor N. Mallouchos (left)
and I. Chalvatzidopoulos (right)
Donor G. Sotiropoulos (right)
and I. Chalvatzidopoulos (left)

Photos by M. Tsiaousidou and N. Varouxis

Ari Muhonen is appointed FEPA Consultant
Following a proposal of the FEPA Board, Ari Muhonen (Finland) was appointed FEPA Consultant for NOTOS 2021. The OC welcomes the Consultant and guarantees a smooth cooperation throughout the preparation period until the closing day of the exhibition.

8 May 2019: We honour our donors
On Wednesday 8 May, at 7:30 p.m., we invite at the premises the members and friends of the Hellenic Philatelic Society, to honour the first part of our NOTOS 2021 donors and also be updated on the progress of the preparation of the exhibition. Everyone that has contributed to NOTOS 2021 to that day will receive the Donor’s Hermes Club pin.

The Large Hermes Heads typographic plates will be exhibited in the Court of Honour
We proudly announce that the Philatelic and Postal Museum in Athens accepted our invitation to participate in NOTOS 2021 Court of Honour with the seven typographic plates of the 1861 Large Hermes Heads. It will be the first time that the “Magnificent Seven” will be shown to the public together.


The plate of the 80 lepta, one of the masterpieces of the French engraver Désiré-Albert Barre
(plate photo: Ioannis Assimakopoulos, Athens)

Reasonable Literature fees in London 2020
London 2020 IREX surprised us pleasantly: Literature fees are set at £25.00 per entry, compared to the frame fees set at £70.00.
A fair deal to all literature exhibitors who practically donate their exhibits to the organizers at the closure of an exhibition.