In the news 2017

Meeting the Deputy Mayor
Costas and Lorentzos Chazapis on behalf of the OC met with Ms. Mary Tsiota, Deputy Mayor of Peristeri, in order to brief her on the 2021 exhibition. The Deputy Mayor, who had addressed the audience at the grand opening of NOTOS 2015, welcomed the idea and offered wholeheartedly the Peristeri Exhibition Centre to the disposal of the OC.

The die is cast
A provisional OC (a team of five) was set up by Anthony Virvilis, Nikos Mallouchos, Ioakeim Chalvatzidopoulos and the brothers Costas and Lorentzos Chazapis. They held their first meeting in Piraeus in order to confirm their decision to go ahead with a big international exhibition in 2021, in view of the 200th anniversary of the Greek War of Independence. The structure of the exhibition will be similar to NOTOS 2015, only this time it will be a considerably larger event. The target set is a full European exhibition, featuring 2000 frames.