Entry forms

Entry forms are welcome from:
a. Exhibitors from Europe with any kind of exhibit
b. Exhibitors from the rest of the World with exhibits on frames related to Europe or with any kind of Philatelic Literature exhibit

Entry forms are submitted at:

Dates for submission:
1 April 2020 – 31 May 2021

Brief instructions for all exhibitors:
a. You are first called to sign in using either one of four options (Google, Twitter, Facebook or local account). Please be consistent with this choice in case you are ever asked to sign in again when you revisit the site.
b. You should fill in and submit the form PERSONAL first in order to be able to submit an ENTRY FORM.
c. You may submit as many ENTRY FORMS as you wish.
d. You can get a printout of your submissions. See the black ribbon with the printer icon under the four options in STEPS.
e. You can come back at any time, edit any of your forms and re-submit them.
f. The final exhibit listings on the website (which will make up the exhibition digital catalogue) will include the photos of every exhibitor. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other! Do not skip your photo in the form PERSONAL.

Additional information for the exhibitors from Europe:
g. At the moment of an ENTRY FORM submission, a printout of the form is sent automatically by e-mail to the respective National Commissioner. If a National Commissioner is not appointed yet by your Federation, a printout of the form will be directed to the e-mail of the Federation.
h. Every ENTRY FORM is subject to the approval of the respective National Commissioner. Therefore, any ENTRY FORM is generally considered valid by the Organising Committee, unless and until the respective National Commissioner sends a request to the Organising Committee asking to invalidate it.