Almost four years after the journey started, NOTOS 2021 is just a breath away from the finish line. A dream road trip, full of excitement and pleasant surprises, support and encouragement from the HPS family and members of other societies, friends philatelists as well as non-philatelists, institutional collaborators, from inside and outside Greece alike, that we could never have imagined.

After such a magical tour, along with three meetings with the Friends of NOTOS, nine newsletters, two multi-page bulletins, the presentations of the exhibition in Prague in 2018 and Monte Carlo in 2019, the patronage of the President of the Republic, and so much more, there came the unexpected loss of the exhibition centre in Peristeri, because of its conversion to a vaccination centre. That was a quite a shock. With the beast still strong and threatening all across Europe, the decision to head to Zappeion seemed like the only solution that could keep the exhibition alive. The need to adjust part of the planning and especially the sharp increase on the budget were the immediate consequences. Fortunately, we found immediate and strong support among the permanent good friends of the HPS, who are always there in times of need and for that we thank them warmly.

In November we promise to present you a fine European exhibition, in the most prestigious exhibition centre of the capital, with the usual pleasant weather conditions on our side and with the hope that the vaccinations will have sent the beast to hibernation for good. We still ask for your encouragement, your financial support, the preparation of your exhibits, your presence at the exhibition and a few hours of your volunteer work when we need it most. You won’t let us down, will you?