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Your donation to the H.F.E. contributes to our effort to continue to further advance the promotion and dissemination of philately based on the research and study of the Greek stamp.

The H.P.S. was founded in 1925 and is the oldest and largest in membership Philatelic Society in the country. With its multifaceted activities in Greece and abroad, it has been awarded a “Cultural Association” status by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

It publishes the magazine “Philotelia” which the late Stefanos Makrimichalos (1902-1983) first published in 1924 and then ceded in 1926 to the H.P.S. It is the longest-lived magazine in the country and a publishing achievement that has nurtured many generations of Greek and foreign philatelists. It disseminated Greek philately internationally with important studies and articles, and as a result it is recognised today as one of the best specialised Philatelic Journals in the world. The editorial work of H.P.S. contributes significantly to philatelic knowledge and has been awarded to date with more than 100 medals and diplomas in international exhibitions.

Its determined editorial efforts, the formation of the Study Group and Working Groups and its general activities, which include international symposia, lectures, specialised topics discussions, teleconferences and philatelic courses, have essentially transformed the H.P.S. into a philatelic research and educational centre.

It has the most extended Philatelic Library in Greece, which is constantly enriched with new acquisitions. It is available to its members while at the same time allowing access to those who wish to engage in the study and research of the Greek stamp and not only.

It encourages its members to participate as exhibitors or judges in philatelic exhibitions in Greece and abroad, thus obtaining the highest honorary philatelic distinctions that promote philatelic excellence and significantly enhance the promotion of the Greek stamp internationally.

With your donation, you ensure that we continue our work, which completes 100 years since the publication of its “Philotelia” Journal (2024) and 100 years since the foundation of the H.P.S. (2025). Two significant philatelic anniversaries in which we plan to honour the history, the founders and our members with events, cultural activities and actions.

Dear member, dear friend of the Hellenic Philatelic Society in this effort we want you to be by our side and we thank you for supporting and appreciating our activities with your donation.

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