PHILOTELIA Vol. 99 (2022)
The bimonthly HPS journal is distributed gratis to the members of the Society

MAY – JUNE 2022
Editorial: Next November in Agrinio!
132 Souda bay: Its history and the post offices, by M. Koutsounakis (2/2)
144 New issues: (a) The Parthenon Sculptures, (b) Europa 2022, (c) Geoparks of Greece
147 A “family” of Hermes Heads commercial samples without value, by D. Papitsis
153 Off with her head!, by C.C.
161 New books: (a) J. Daes, The Greek Postal Rates 1828-1875, by C. Gikas, (b) Philatelic Hermes Ltd, Hermes 2022 – Stamps of Greece 1861-2021 and Postal History, by G. Goufas, (c) D. N. Muir, Just large enough / Α Guide to the Postal Museum’s Philatelic Collections, by A.V. (d) Michel catalogues, by C.C.
165 Helvetia 2022 – World Philatelic Exhibition, by C.C.
168 An interview with the Editors-in-Chief of Michel editions
171 Philatelic news from Cyprus
172 The Russian Field Post Offices in Pontus (1916-17), by A. Nikolaidis (1/2)
182 A postal relay race on the Andes Mountains Royal Route, by C. Gikas
184 Judicial Buildings Fund Revenue Stamps, by E. Fysikas
190 Philatelic news

Editorial: The centenary celebration
68 Earliest use of the 10 lepta of 1880-86, by D. Iskos
70 New issues: Child and Stamp – Child and Road Safety
71 19th century: Scissors cuts on domestic parcel post forms, by N. Rasias
73 Propaganda slogan cancels, 4th August 1936, by N. Karniaoutakis
76 Social Welfare Stamps: A couple of “First Days” in 1937 and 1941, by A. Papadopoulos
79 Souda bay: Its history and the post offices, by M. Koutsounakis (1/2)
91 Evangelos Melingounakis – A forgery case in 1910, by A. Manoloudis
94 Mail of a displaced citizen on Folegandros in 1938, by C.C.
99 General Regulations of National Philatelic Exhibitions
107 London 2022 – World Philatelic Exhibition, by C.C.
110 New books: Michel catalogues, by C.C.
111 Philatelic news
113 Hellenic Philatelic Society & Philotelia – 100th Anniversary
115 UPU Postal Identity Cards, by A. Galinos

Editorial: Start as you mean to go on
4 The Hellenic Philatelic Society Medal
5 Cretan State, October 1908: Political landscape and the postal history, by K. Choudalakis
10 Beware! Forgeries! by J. Daes
15 Mytilene Austrian Post: Α 1911 returned letter, by A. Galinos
20 NOTOS 2021 – Donors list no. 7
21 HPS: (a) The 2022 Annual General Assembly, (b) 2021 balance sheets, (c) Financial status (31.12.2021), (d) Hermes Club 2018-2021
30 HPS – New members
31 Philatelic news
34 New books: (a) S. A. Calliga, Jewels in the Crown of the Large Hermes Head, by C. Gikas, (b) S. A. Calliga, 1861 Plates – Reassembly of 20 lepta Large Hermes Head Stamps of Greece, by C. Gikas, (c) Greece – Large Hermes Heads 1861-1886, The Stavros Andreadis ‘Kassandra’ collection, by C.C., (d) Greece – The 1896 Olympic Issue – The Anestis Karagiannidis Collection, by C.C.
40 Commemorative cancellations of 2021
42 Volume 2021 index
47 New issues: (a) Christmas 2021, (b) NOTOS 2021 – European Philatelic Exhibition, (c) The Greek Revolution of 1821 – National Gallery, (d) UNESCO World Heritage Sites
51 French Post Office in Thessaloniki: the introduction of stamps and the earliest recorded use of the “4012” obliterator, by A. Papadopoulos
55 Andreas Mitakis, by N. Karniaoutakis
56 In the beginning was …the postcard, by N. Mallouchos
59 The RDP dinner in Piraeus, by A.V.
61 A philatelic moment of the Cultural Revolution, by C. Gikas
63 Philatelic news from Cyprus