Karditsa, November 4-12, 2006



Γ1: Traditional Philately, Γ2: Postal History, Γ3: Postal Stationery, Γ4: Aerophilately, Γ5: Thematic Philately, Γ6: Maximaphily, Γ7: Revenues, Γ8: Philatelic Literature, Γ9: Youth

96 Emmanouel Mavridis 1896 Olympic Games Γ1
93 Nick Asimakopulos (USA) The first Greek stamp Γ8
93 Anthony Virvilis The role of health offices and lazarets in Greece Γ2
93 Diego Karasso Flying Mercury 1901-1910 Γ1
91 Bill Liaskas (Canada) Postal history of the Ionian islands (1501-1900) Γ2
91 Michael Petradakis Revenues of the Dodecanese Γ8
90 Louis Fanchini (France) The history of the first Greek stamps Γ1
90 George Thomareis Postal history of Thessaloniki Γ2
90 Michael Petradakis Psotal history of the Dodecanese – Ottoman post office 1868-1912 Γ2
89 Yako Doyou Cancellations on Olympic stamps 1896-1906 and “Treasury” Γ2
88 Sofia Drossou Hellenic post offices abroad and Crete Γ2
88 Nick Rangos (Cyprus) Cyprus on the crossroads of three continents Γ6
87 John Daes Postal history of Athens Γ2
86 Demetrios Mentesidis Postal history of Western Macedonia Γ2
86 Andreas Mitakis Revenues of Crete 1875-1913 Γ7
86 Ioakeim Chalvatzidopoulos Football Γ5
86 Anthony Chalkiadakis Messages from the Bible Γ6
85 Nick Gouveris 1922 Revolution Γ1
85 Panayotis Cangelaris World scout movement Γ5
85 Andreas Karabinas Postal history of Thessaly (1849-1910) Γ2
85 Takis Karatzas The Cretan State – postal rates Γ2
85 Fotis Keramidoglou Postal history of Thrace Γ2
85 John Daes The postal cancellations of Athens Γ8
85 Hermes Frangoudis Stamp catalogue “Cyprus 2006-2007” and postal history 1845-2005 Γ8
84 Athanassios Apergis Bicycle – A familiar unfamiliar friend Γ5
83 John Daes Concise tables of postal and supplementary rates from 1/10/1861 to 1/1/2001 Γ8
82 Theodore Galanis The birds of Europe Γ6
82 Michael Gryparis From the birth of athletism to the Olympiads Γ6
82 John Daes Andros island, an approach to its postal history Γ8
81 John Daes The fear of tuberculosis Γ8
81 Orestes Vlastos Ltd. Stamp catalogues “Vlastos 2005” and “Vlastos Smart” Γ8
80 Panayotis Georgitsos History of the Olympic Games – From ancient Greece to modern era Γ6
80 Hellenic Philatelic Society National philatelic exhibition catalogue “Philotelia 2005” Γ8
80 George Sparis The first Olympic Games commemorative issue – Athens 1896 Γ8
79 Evangelos Koutsikas Interallied occupation of Thrace Γ2
79 Philip Sboros Postal history of Magnesia 1839-1940 Γ2
78 Thomas Arvanitis The preadhesive period of the Hellenic Post Γ2
78 Philatelic Union of Karditsa 2006 calendar – Postal history of Thessaly Γ8
77 Panayotis Cangelaris Greek issues of Thrace 1920 Γ1
77 Nick Bergiopoulos Catalogue-study of special commemorative cancellations 1969-1980 Γ8
77 Alex Savopoulos Occupied Greece 1941-1944 Γ2
76 Constantine Aggelis Zeppelin flights and first flights of Greece 1929-1936 Γ4
76 Nick Mouzakis The 1895 Athens 1-9 cancellations Γ2
76 Maria Douzou The creators of modern Greece Γ6
75 Panayotis Cangelaris The kingdom of Egypt (1922-1953) Γ1
75 Cyprus Philatelic Society (Cyprus) Cyprus philately Γ8
75 Nick Bergiopoulos Chess and philately Γ8
75 Philatelic Union of Karditsa 5th Panhellenic Philatelic Conference minutes (sample copy) Γ8
73 Athanassios Kazis Drama postal history Γ2
73 Orestes Vlastos Ltd 2005, 2006 auction catalogues Γ8
72 Anthony Manoloudis The 1912 lithographic issue Γ1
72 George Douzos “In churches praise the Lord” Γ6
72 Ivi Solomou (Cyprus) Pre-Olympic track and field events Γ9
71 Christos Agorastos Red Cross Γ5
70 Andreas Eliadis (Cyprus) Winter Olympic Games 1932-1992 Γ5
70 John Daes The post office of Kolonaki Γ8
68 Hermes Frangoudis Auction catalogues Γ8
67 Christos Agorastos Balkan tradition Γ5
67 Philatelic Union of Karditsa 5th Panhellenic Philatelic Conference bulletin Γ8
66 George Kokonakis Genuine and forged postmarks of Greek interest (sample copy) Γ8
65 Bahir Pulhan (Cyprus) Levant postal history Γ2
65 Theodore Galanis Greek mythology (video) Γ8
65 Anthony Manousakis Zambia Γ1
65 Lazaros Petropoulos Thessaloniki and stamps Γ8
65 Nick Helidonis Stamp day Γ5
60 Andreas Eliades (Cyprus) Preadhesive France 1800-1850 Γ2
60 Athanassios Kouveletsos Radiology – Χ rays Γ5


Δ: One Frame Class, Ε: Open Class, Ζ: Team exhibits Class
1: Exhibitors aged over 21, 2: Exhibitors aged under 21

93 Sofia Drossou Italian occupation of Eastern Crete Δ1
90 George Sotiropoulos The Corfu incident of 1923 Δ1
89 Michael Kaitatzidis Aegean maritime company P. M. Kourtzis et cie Ε1
88 Manolis Mylonakis The war of stamps Δ1
87 George Sparis The 1897 war and the “treasury” cancellations Ε1
86 George Sparis Maritime cancellations on the second Olympic issue Δ1
84 George Sparis Limni Euboea Δ1
82 Stavros Kanakakis The rebirth of Olympic Games (1859-1906) Δ1
82 John Daes The first thirty postmen of Athens Δ1
81 Anargyros Megas Postal history of Boeotia – Livadia (1834-1920) Δ1
80 Dimitris Sparis The first railway cancellations of Greece Δ2
78 Despina Rangou Olympic events on maximum cards Δ2
77 Constantine Fotiou The Danube Δ1
76 Theodore Papaeliou Greek reply coupons Δ1
76 Philip Sboros The Italian censorship in Magnesia 1941-1943 Δ1
70 George Kokonakis Genuine and forged postmarks of Greek interest Δ1
70 Constantine Dinas Letters to Syra Δ1
70 Ioakeim Chalvatzidopoulos “Sikosse to, to timimeno” Δ1
68 Nick Kallinikos French post offices in Ottoman Empire Δ1
66 Michael Ackerman Races in ancient Greeks’ life Δ1
65 Dimitris Douzos The Olympic year 1896 cancelled on small format stamps Δ1
60 Panayotis Vafopoulos Cats Δ2
60 Municipal libraries of Aghia Paraskevi and Gioldasi square Sports Ζ2
60 Municipal libraries of Aghios Nikolaos and Laka Mantziara Agriculture: life-occupation-products Ζ2
60 Dimitris Katsemis The oddities of backprinting Δ1
60 George Koutsias Maps study Δ1
60 Evangelia Mandyli Theatre Δ2
60 Miranta Boudouri Insects beneficial and harmful Δ1
60 Elias Paganos The Greek flags on world stamps Δ1
60 Andreas Papadimitriou ΗΟΜΟ: From the dawn of his presence to the beginning of his attire Δ1
60 Theodore Papaeliou “Peri anemon kai ydaton” Ε1
60 Charoula Tsinopoulou Means of transportation Δ2
55 Vassilios Dinas Forgeries on Ionian State stamps Δ1