PHILOTELIA Vol. 98 (2021)
The bimonthly HPS journal is distributed gratis to the members of the Society

Editorial: The next big celebration
NOTOS 2021 – A challenging adventure
327 The preparation 2017-2019
335 The preparation 2020-2021
343 The Court of Honour hall
346 The Large Hermes Heads printing plates and the Philatelic and Postal Museum
347 The Solferinos
350 General State Archives
351 Historical Archive of the National Bank of Greece
351 Athens School of Fine Arts
354 The insurance of valuable exhibits
354 Sponsors & Supporters
355 The Hellenic Post
359 Communication and publicity programme
363 Customs procedures
366 Jury lunch
366 The official hotels
367 Grand Opening
370 The HPS Medal awards
371 Balkanfila Representatives’ Meeting
374 The Sunday’s events
378 Extraordinary General Meeting of the AEP
378 Palmares Dinner
379 FEPA Congress 2021
382 Epilogue
383 Words of appreciation

Editorial: See you at the Zappeion!
260 The festivities for the 100th anniversary of the Greek War of Independence, by A. Manoloudis
262 The special airmail cachet used by the Heraklion p.o., by A. Kampourakis and H. Chrysostomou
267 Two heavyweight covers from the Turkish Post Office in Thessaloniki, by A. Papadopoulos
271 The steamers Thabor and Phase, by T. Arvanitis
275 Some facts and thoughts about Ernest Meyer, by J. Meijer (2/2)
284 New books: (a) M.Kaitatzidis, Large Hermes Heads of Greece, Control numeral errors, by A.V., (b) E. Moula, I. Papadomarkakis, Stamp-signs of history, by A.V., (c) M. Mentaschi & G. Nembrini, Mail addressed from Italy to the foreign countries 1.1.1863 – 31.3.1879, by A.V., (d) Μ. Mentaschi & V. Morani, 1851-62 The postal history of Tuscany, by A.V., (e) Michel catalogues, by C.C.
289 New issues: (a) Greece 1821-2021: Philhellenes, (b) Child and stamp: The Greek Revolution of 1821 through the children’s eyes
292 NOTOS 2021 – Donors list no. 6
293 Contemporary Customs procedures: Auxiliary postal markings, by N. Mallouchos
296 From the “Lions’ Heads” to the Return of the Taliban, by C. Gikas
302 Philatelic News
304 Cretan State (1903): Protocol for the Delivery and Receipt of a Parcel containing Money, by M. Koutsounakis
307 The purchase of a money box and the Greek Postal Savings Bank, by A. Galinos
309 NOTOS 2021 – Newsletter no. 13
312 Unusual cover’s contents, by A. Manoloudis
315 The Hellenic Post honoured at PostEurop Corporate Social Responsibility Awards
318 NOTOS 2021 – Commemorative postmarks

Editorial: A decision by the Hellenic Post causes unrest
196 NOTOS 2021 – Newsletter no. 12 & Donors List no. 5
200 Shortage of postal cards: Letter cards separated and used in place of postal cards to be sent abroad (Thessaloniki 1916-1918), by A. Galinos
208 19th century: Scissors cuts on domestic parcel post forms, by N. Rasias
213 Some facts and thoughts about Ernest Meyer, by J. Meijer (1/2)
222 For restoration of the truth…, by M. Tseriotis
223 General Bourbaki, son of a Karaiskakis’ ally and almost a king of Greece, by C. Gikas
224 Philatelic news
226 1919 newspapers on the set of Greek stamps with the overprint «E.T. ΣMYΡNH», by E. Tempelis
234 New issues: (a) Europa 2021 [correction], (b) Euromed 2021
236 New books: Michel catalogues, by C.C.
238 Asia Minor Campaign 1919-1922: Μail from the March 1921 Operations, by M. M. Sfantsikopoulos
244 The White Tower Branch Post Office, by A. Savopoulos
248 Requisition of Greek factories by the Nazis, by A. Ritoridis
251 Another chapter of philatelic history is brought to an end, by G. Goufas
252 Robbery and the Postal Service, by E. Georgoudakis
255 Paying a visit to the Museum of National Resistance in Koryschades, by C.C.

MAY – JUNE 2021
Editorial: How much of our past should dictate our future?
132 Special airpost handstamps of foreign posts of Greek interest, by A. Kambourakis
138 1877 Athens 60 lepta with damaged lower inscription, by P. Rassias
146 The building of the Old Post Office of Piraeus, by Ms. C. Marmaridou
157 The symbolism of the illustrations in the 1913 Campaign set, by A. Manoloudis
165 New issues: (a) Europa 2021, (b) Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
167 New books: (a) K. Tsitselikis, Borders, Sovereignty, Postage stamps. The changes in Greek territory: 1830-1947, by A.V., (b) S. Kahn, Jean-Baptiste Charcot en Antarctique – Dont le courrier façonne l’histoire / Jean-Baptiste Charcot in the Antarctic – Whose mail documents its history, by A.V.
169 Stamps on customer’s order – Letters by the Philatelic Society of Lesvos, the Hellenic Philatelic Federation and the Hellenic Post
175 A postal rates’ fraud by the Austrians, by J. Daes
182 Philatelic news
184 Stamps for a handful of rice, by C. Gikas
186 Cyprus philatelic news
187 Plate flaw on the 30 lepta – White dot on the base of ‘Λ’ of the word ‘ΛΕΠΤ’, by T. Salonidis, L. Fanchini
190 NOTOS 2021 – Newsletter no. 11

Editorial: NOTOS 2021 in Zappeion
68 NOTOS 2021 – Newsletter no. 10
71 Corrections in plate flaws positions of the Athens 30 lepta, by T. Salonidis
73 Olympia post office, by A. Manoloudis
75 Franking machines, by A.Galinos
80 Philatelic news
82 The overprint «AKYΡON» on the domestic postal card (1935) with the design of the 2 D. “Landscapes”, by E. Tempelis
91 The introduction of postage stamp in postal correspondence, by A. Virvilis
104 The United Kingdom on the Eve of the Postal Reform of 1839–1840, by K. Louis (2/2)
116 New issues: Greece 1821-2021: Oaths and Sacrifices for Liberty
119 March 1916: Destination Romania, by C. Scaiceanu
123 New books: (a) Michel catalogues, by C.C., (b) T. Koutsouradis, Pages from the postal history of Kos, the period form the Ottoman Rule to the Union with Greece (1947), by A.V., (c) A. Poulos, The world of Mathematics through the postage stamps, by A.V.
126 Hellenic Post – Philatelic Bureau. Invitation for the submission of proposals for the stamp programmes 2022 & 2023.

Editorial: The philatelic environment
4 From Constantinople to India and back: the adventures of a 1900 letter, by A. Papadopoulos
7 Beware! Forgeries! by J. Daes
11 New issues: “Greece 2021” 200 Years after the Revolution
12 “Inconnu”, A philatelic narrative in 1929 Athens, by A. Manoloudis
19 The United Kingdom on the Eve of the Postal Reform of 1839–1840, by K. Louis (1/2)
31 HPS: (a) The 2021 Annual General Assembly, (b) 2020 balance sheets, (c) Financial status (31.12.2020)
36 The press welcomes the postage stamp in Greece, by D. Varelas
43 Auxiliary markings with diplomatic messages, by N. Mallouchos
48 New books: S. A. Calliga, Stamps of the Large Hermes Head in 19th century Greece – Detailed Study – Specialised Illustrated Catalogue, by K. Papathanassiou
53 The 1 lepton pos. 138 plate flaws, by D. and I. Papitsis
54 Unusual cancellations of postage stamps (ΙV), by M. Koutsounakis
58 Philatelic news
60 NOTOS 2021 – Newsletter no. 9
62 “Write a letter to Santa Claus”, by V. Matziari