Athens, November 19-24, 2002



S. Calligas

Large Hermes Heads


N. Kardassilaris

Asia Minor Campaign 1919-22


S. Andreadis

Large Hermes Heads


M. Kolokassides

The postal history of Cyprus until the independence

Aghis Papadopoulos

Small Hermes Heads

P. Tiberius

“Griechenland Postgescihte 1821-2001” (LI)

M. Mylonakis

The postal history of Crete

J. Coundouros

“The control figures and the classification of the stamps of the Large Hermes Heads” (LI)



“The ten lepta Large Hermes Head stamp of Greece” (LI)

(Ms.) S. Drossos

Ionian islands

G. Sparis

1896 Olympic Games stamp issue

M. Mavrides

The 1896 Olympic issue

J. Doyou

Greek cancellations on Olympic stamps 1896-1906

D. Carasso

Flying Mercury

J. Refanides

Flying Mercury

C. Dikaios

1840-1925 Cyprus stamps

J. Refanides

Type V New Territories cancellations

A. Papaioannou

The postal history of the High Comission of Smyrne

J. Daes

The 1927 Views and their re-issues

A. Virvilis

The role of health stations and lazarets

M. Constantinis

“The post offices in Greece” (LI)


M. Mokoros

1896 Olympic Games

S. Kanakakis

1896 Olympic Games

I. Chalvatzidopoulos

Football (TH)

T. Papaeliou

The evolution of the rural service in Greece

C. Samanides

Insects … and their unknown world (MA)

D. Douzos

A tourist’s trip around Greece (MA-YU)

Hellenic Philatelic Society

“Philotelia” (LI)

C. Agorastos

The postal history of Eastern Rumelia

A. Paschos

The postal history of the railways in Macedonia

C. Chazapis

WW II foreign occupation

(Ms.) L. Theocharidou

Woman in the arts (MA)

N. Ragos

Cyprus, the crossroads of three continents (MA)

G. Spathis

Stamp catalogue “Hermes 2002” (LI)


J. Daes

The postal history of Athens

N. Paterimos

Greece and the Second World War

J. Daes

“The postal history of Athens” (LI)

N. Gouveris

1922 Revolution

P. Georgitsos

The history of the Olympic Games (MA)

H. Frangoudis

Stamp catalogue “Cyprus 2003” (LI)

C. Androulidakis

National Resistance local issues

N. Mallouchos

Special use cachets and tapes

M. Petradakis

Kastellorizo stamps and postal history

M. Gryparis

From the birth of athletism to the Olympiads (MA)

G. Christofi

Cyprus (MA-YU)

Philatelic Society of Lesvos

“Philatelic Lesvos” (LI)

P. Magoulas

Views and monuments of Greece 1927-1935

D. Mentessides

Western Macedonia postal history

C. Angelis

First Greek flights 1929-1936

N. Lahanos

First flights and zeppelin covers 1929-1936

Hellenic Philatelic Society of Thessaloniki

“Philatelic news” (LI)


G. Toutoudakis

Cancellations and other pariculars of the first Olympic stamps

P. Cangelaris

World scout movement (TH)

P. Cangelaris

Varieties of Greek stamps

A. Virvilis

“Handbook of Greek philately” (LI)

Hellenic Philatelic Society

“” (LI)

C. Kordatos

Hellenic mythology, the gods (TH)

C. Fotiou

Tuberculosis (TH)

P. Keramidoglou

Postal history of Thrace

T. Galanis

Video “Hellenic mythology” (LI)

C. Fotiou

Greek postal cards during the Italo-Greek war of 1940-41

C. Pisimisis

World Footbal Cup (TH-YU)

Panhellenic Society of Thematic Philately & Youth

“Thematic philatelist” (LI)

A. Paschos

The army of the Orient in the Macedonian front

Philatelic Club of Glyfada

“Philatelic Glyfada” (LI)

A. Kazis

The postal history of Drama

G. Douzos

The life of Jesus Christ on earth (MA-YU)

Cyprus Philatelic Society

“Cyprus Philately” (LI)


A. Raftis

“Dances of the world” (LI)

Thematic Philately of Greece Club

“Thematic philatelist” (LI)

Philatelic Society of Lesvos

“Philatelic Library” issues (LI)

(Ms.) M. Douzos

The evolution of painting during the last centuries (MA)

A. Apergis

The bicycle, a known unkown friend (TH)

A. Virvilis

Article “The 1934 polish issues” (LI)

C. Chazapis

Article”The postal rates during WW II foreign occupation” (LI)

Alex Papadopoulos

Article “The British p.o. of Smyrne” (LI)

D. Mentessides

Article “The military postal service from 1924 until August 1939” (LI)

G. Chatzitheodorides

Stamps of automatic vending machines (ΑΤΜ)

Philatelic Society of Corfu

“Philatelic Kerkyra” (LI)

N. Kallinikos

Foreign post offices of Constantinople and Smyrne

I. Parassides

The postal history of the Italo-Greek war

G. Stavrinos

Apollo project

(Ms.) Z. Michalopoulou

Hellenic pottery (MA)

(Ms.) I. Zachariades

Kindness stems from the woman (TH)

N. Koutsounotos

Three monotheistic religions (TH)

(Ms.) S. Bolomytis

The admirable world of flowers  (TH-YU)

U.P. of Kifissia

“Philatelic echoes” (LI)

Orestes Vlastos Ltd.

Stamp catalogue “Cyprus 2003” (LI)


A. Paschos

Article “Ρ.Ο.Π.иΤ. and the Russian post office in Thessaloniki” (LI)

A. Paschos

Article “The British post office in Thessaloniki 1900-1914” (LI)

(Ms.) K. Eliadis

Sports and games (MA-YU)

G. Chatzigeorgiou

Natural products that people consume (TH)

C. Mitrelos

140 years of Lesvos postal and communal history

C. Korres

Lighthouses (TH)

Orestes Vlastos Ltd.

Auction catalogues “Vlastos” (LI)

Orestes Vlastos Ltd.

Auction catalogues “Vlastos Europe” (LI)

V. Spanos

Auction catalogues “V. Spanos” (LI)

V. Spanos

Auction catalogues “Philathens” (LI)

N. Kromydas

Auction catalogue “Karyatis” (LI)

H. Frangoudis

Auction catalogue “S. Frangoudis” (LI)


(Ms.) V. Magoulas

The 1940-41 epic

A. Drivalas

Cars (TH-YU)

(Ms.) A. Paolinelis

Painting, the masters of art (TH-YU)

C. Papadimas

Postal stationery

A. Eliades

Cypriot revenue stamps of the British period

P. Pisimisis

Art through the centuries (TH-YU)

Newspaper “O politis”

Monthly philatelic column (LI)

N. Bergiopoulos

Philatelic articles 2000-2002 (LI)

L. Petropoulos

Article “Thesssaloniki and stamps” (LI)

P. Linardos

Article “Sea and philately” (LI)

A. Mitakis

Article “The centennial of the first Cretan stamp issue” (LI)