It is the largest philatelic library in Greece, with a plethora of titles, which have not been electronically recorded yet. It is continuously enriched with new books, periodicals, catalogues, after selective purchasing or exchange. It includes the philatelic libraries of George Photiades, Pandelis Drossos, Vassilis Arapoyiannis, Aris Papadopoulos and Anthony Virvilis.

Philatelic sections in other libraries, except of course the National Library, one can find in the Library of the Parliament and in Gennadios Library.

Classification of the material:

1. Books – Studies – Monographs – and other research notes, mainly of Greek philatelic interest.

2. Hellenic Post Office publications, referring to legislation and circulars for internal use.

3. Other philatelic publications.

4. Stamp catalogues, general and specialised, for Greek and foreign stamps.

5. Journals published by Hellenic philatelic societies in Greece and abroad, and journals published by foreign affiliated societies.

6. Philatelic periodicals published in Greek and foreign languages.

7. Auction catalogues published by Greek and foreign Houses with emphasis to auctions with Greek material.

8. Publications for national and international stamp exhibitions.

9. Archive of photographs, films, tapes and manuscripts.

10. Archive of copies of exhibited and awarded collections.