PHILOTELIA Vol. 100 (2023)
The bimonthly HPS journal is distributed gratis to the members of the Society

Editorial: A big “Thank you”
324 The Hellenic Philatelic Society Medal
326 New issues: Christmas 2023
327 The Armée d’Orient (1915-18) on picture postcards, by A. Paschos
334 Russian Money Letters to Athos (1870-1917), by Y. Dimitriadis
338 Xenophon A. Giataganas (15.6.1948 – 14.12.2023), by A. Galinos
339 Attempted forgery of a Sitia postmark in 1909, by E. Georgoudakis
342 Domestic postal rates of 26, 32, 52, 64 and 84 lepta, by J. Daes
346 Advertising revenues of the larger Municipalities (comments and additions), by A. Galinos
351 The H.P.S. with Epilogos in the Megaron – Athens Concert Hall, by C.C.
352 Philatelic news
355 Philatelic news from Cyprus
356 A soldier’s death announced on a postal card, by A. Savopoulos
362 Commemorative cancellations of 2023
363 The Stephanos Macrymichalos Award 2023
364 Expertization
366 Letter from the Hellenic Philatelic Federation to the Hellenic Post
367 H.P.S. – New members
368 Italian stamp featuring the map of Greece commemorating the fallen in 1943, by C.C.
369 Interviews: Manolis Mylonakis talks to Philotelia, by C. Gikas
372 From Germany to Thessaloniki via Constantinople: an unusual cover from 1889, by A. Papadopoulos
376 Discoveries, by M. Koutsounakis
378 Volume 2023 index

Editorial: A different exhibition?
260 Modon 1482: My quest in identifying the origin of a 1482 entire letter to Venice, by G. Constantourakis
266 Technology and philately: Large Hermes Heads classification using Artificial Intelligence, Part 2, by D. Papitsis
272 Small Hermes Heads: An “unlikeable” envelope, by N. Rasias
276 Advertising tax revenues, by E. Fysikas
279 Comment on S. Andreadis’ book, Large Hermes Heads, Printings and Shades, by W. Bauer
282 New issues: (a) 350 Years Petraki Monastery
283 Handwritten indications on 19th century letters, by N. Garilidis
288 New issues: (b) Maria Callas Birth Centenary
289 The H.P.S. in Hobby Festival 2023, by A. Manoloudis
290 The 1913 Campaign issue: Different types in three denominations, by Dr W. Baur
296 Philatelic news
298 Ankara 2023 International Philatelic Exhibition, by C.C.
300 Balkanfila XIX: The revival of an important regional exhibition, by C. Gikas
304 Interviews: Peter Suhadolc talks to Philotelia, by C. Gikas
308 Discoveries, by M. Koutsounakis
310 FEPA Congress 2023
311 The Universal Exhibition “Paris 1900” and the church of Agios Sostis, by A. Manoloudis
319 New books: Michel Catalogues, by C.C.

Editorial: Forgeries everywhere
196 The highest-known franking to date with Large Hermes Heads: “The Ranghavis Letter”, by L. Fanchini
200 1922 Revolution: Overprinted 25 D. on parcel post forms, by P. Rouvalis
202 The curious case of a handstamp relevant to the 1935 Military Coup, by A. Ritoridis
213 Napoleon Bonaparte and the Postal Service in Egypt, by E. Georgoudakis
215 Ioannis Svoronos and the selection of the images of the 1911 Definitives, by A. Manoloudis
222 Austrian Lloyd’s agency in Santa Maura (Lefkada), by A. Galinos
228 Dương Văn Ngộ: the last “angel” of Saigon, by C. Gikas
230 Interviews: Pantelis Leoussis talks to Philotelia, by C. Gikas
234 The Postojna Cave post office in Slovenia, by G. Freund
238 Technology and philately: Large Hermes Heads classification using Artificial Intelligence, Part 1, by D. Papitsis
244 New issues: (a) EuroMed Postal 2023, (b) Theatre costumes
246 Writing a Synopsis – A beginner’s guide, by C. Chazapis
249 Philatelic news
252 New books: (a) FFAP, Une belle centenaire, by C.C. (b) Michel Catalogues, by C.C.

MAY – JUNE 2023
Editorial: Signs of optimism
132 New issues: (a) Europa 2023, (b) Eleusis: European Capital of Culture
134 Transit censorships of the Vienna Censorship Office during World War II (2/2), by A. Savopoulos
145 Napoleon Bonaparte and the Postal Service in Egypt, by Y. Dimitriadis
150 Education revenue stamps (2/2), by E. Fysikas
156 Scraping out … Democracy, by Ν. Mallouchos
158 Volos’ port through the postcards of Stefanos Stournaras, by N. Varouxis
162 Philatelic news from Cyprus
163 Italian & French liners for the same journey – Letter from Tunis to Athens (1872), by L. Fanchini
166 Documents from Michael D. Toccos’ archive on the stamps of the Greek Administration of Kavala (1913), by E. Tempelis
179 Philatelic news
182 Greek mail on Deutsche Lufthansa’s supplementary Cologne – Cherbourg flights, by A. Papadopoulos
188 New books: (a) S. Andreadis, Large Hermes Heads, Printings and Shades, by A.V. (b) N. Antypas, Hellenic Steam Companies & their Handstamps, by C.C., (c) J. Daes, Note-Book, The Currency Rates at the Exchange Post Offices 1.1.1800–1.7.1875, by A.V.

Editorial: An interesting interview
68 Poste par Avion en Orient: The unknown flights Thessaloniki-Athens and back, by A. Galinos
75 Le Timbrophile Athénien, by M. Koutsounakis
78 Several mysteries of Thessaloniki Russian Post, by G. Thomareis
87 Paper and printing varieties of the early printings of the 2 lepta Large Hermes Heads, by D. Papitsis
93 Saint Catherine of Sinai: A 1751 seal – The first postal handstamp from Asia, by Y. Dimitriadis
97 Autonomous Cretan State: ‘Small ΕΛΛΑΣ’ overprint Varieties (1908), by K. Choudalakis
99 Education revenue stamps (1/2), by E. Fysikas
106 Mailbox stories, by E. Georgoudakis
111 New issues: World Stray Animals Day
112 Transit censorships of the Vienna Censorship Office during World War II (1/2), by A. Savopoulos
123 19th century prince’s cover, by N. Rasias
125 Philatelic news

Editorial: Our right to optimism?
4 New issues: (a) Sustainable Development, (b) Child and Stamp – Child and Technology
6 Philatelic news from Cyprus
7 Postage stamp: timeless courier of symbolism and messages, by C.C.
10 The origin and the end of a postal riddle, by M. Mylonakis
22 HPS: (a) The 2023 Annual General Assembly, (b) 2022 Balance sheets, (c) Financial status (31.12.2022)
26 Thanassis Tarassouleas, by C. Tarassouleas
29 Mariners’ Anti-tuberculosis Fund revenue stamps, by E. Fysikas
31 Philatelic news
34 On the occasion of the 1926 Vienna Issue, by A. Manoloudis
50 Commemorative cancellations of 2022
52 The eternal struggle of light with darkness – A philatelic perspective, by C. Gikas
54 Greek surname on rural handstamps of Egypt, by A. Galinos
62 New books: Michel catalogues, by C.C.