We are right at the end of June and there is strong evidence that the pandemic retreats. In a little while we shall gather again in our society’s premises and normal life will return to where we left it at the end of 2019, beginning of 2020.

During many months of discomfort, we were deprived of the physical presence of our loved ones, but we were engaged in frequent virtual contact with others that we could never imagine. We became familiar with technology and realised the magnitude of its usefulness. We replaced live events with online ones and over time we learned to enjoy them. The unbelievable speed of the scientists’ reaction between the first covid-19 case to the first vaccination showed how fast the world is running. Everything is running fast. In one direction only: forward.

What is the situation in our societies? Which direction are we looking at? Shall we keep pace with the age of digitization? Will any major changes be launched? Will any meaningful services be produced for the membership? Will the younger ever get the opportunity to put their ideas into practice? Is there room for their freshness to flourish and blossom?

How much of our past should dictate our future?