October 21-29, 2002, Nicosia, Cyprus
Awards on exhibits of HPS members or of Greek philatelic interest

W. Bauer (Germany) Large Hermes Heads of Greece 1861-1867 and combination frankings and destinations TR 95
Η. Boegli (Switzerland) Small Hermes Heads of Greece 1886-1901 TR 91
J. Mascini (Netherlands) The 1900 overprints of Greece TR 91
J. Coundouros The control numbers and the classification of the Large Hermes Heads LI 91
M. Mylonakis Postal history of Crete PH 90
(Ms.) S. Drossou Greek post offices abroad 1834-1885 PH 90
M. Constantinis The posts in Greece LI 90
Philatelic Hermes Ltd. “Hermes 2002” stamp catalogue LI 86
M. Carloni (Italy) Postal history of the Dodecanese PH 85
J. Refanidis The 1901 Flying Mercury issue TR 80
P. Leoussis Music and its people TH 80
E. Frangoudis “Cyprus 2002” stamp catalogue LI 79
G. Constantourakis (Canada) History of maximaphily MA 78
J. Refanidis New territories type V cancellations PH 77
R. Dabek (Poland) Greece 1861-1935 TR 75
N. Zafeirakopoulos Greece, air connections 1870-1936 PH 75
O. Vlastos Ltd. “Cyprus 2002” stamp catalogue LI 75
Z. Michalopoulou Toys and games MA 72
Hellenic Philatelic Society of Thessaloniki Philatelic news LI 70
C. Androulidakis Wars and their concequences MA 68
A. Raftis Dances of the world on postage stamps LI 67
Ν. Bergiopoulos Philatelic articles LI 65

(TR) Traditional Philately, (PH) Postal History, (PS) Postal Stationery, (ΑΕ) Aerophilately, (TH) Thematic Philately, (ΜΑ) Maximaphily, (RE) Revenues, (YU) Youth, (LI) Philatelic Literature, (OC) Open Class, (OF) One Frame