October 2-7, 2012, Aveiro, Portugal
Awards on exhibits of HPS members or of Greek philatelic interest

A. Virvilis The role of health offices and lazarets in Greece
A. Galinos Un Levant Français inconnu (1915-1923) PH 92
N. Karanikolas The “Inselpost” German military service of the Aegean islands (1944-45) PH 91
V. Apostolopoulos Footware OC 90
M. Tsironis The 1906 Olympic issue LI 90
Hellenic Philatelic Society Philotelia LI 88
G. Sparis Lettera arrivata per mare OF 87
I. Chalvatzidopoulos The football TH 85
M. Tsironis The last Large Hermes Heads issue (1880-1886) OF 85
P. Cangelaris The Czech scout post (1918) OF 80
G. Thomareis The development of postal services in Crete during the 20th c. PH 78
A. Papadopoulos Greek airmails to North America up to 1941 OF 78
G. Sparis Hellenic Steam Navigation John Mac Dowall and Barbour OF 78
Panhellenic Society of Thematic Philately Thematic philatelist LI 75

(TR) Traditional Philately, (PH) Postal History, (PS) Postal Stationery, (ΑΕ) Aerophilately, (TH) Thematic Philately, (ΜΑ) Maximaphily, (RE) Revenues, (YU) Youth, (LI) Philatelic Literature, (OC) Open Class, (OF) One Frame