November 19-25, 2013, Rio de Janeiro
Awards on exhibits of HPS members or of Greek philatelic interest

W. Bauer (Germany) Large Hermes Heads of Greece 1861-1867 and combination frankings TR
A. Karagiannidis (Canada) The Small Hermes Heads of Greece TR 92
A. Galinos An unknown French Levant (1916-1923) PH 91
M. Carloni (Italy) Dodecanese PH 90
A. Papadopoulos The British postal service in the Levant 1857-1923 PH 88
A. Mellaart (Turkey) Ottoman Empire postal history of Greece PH 88
G. Constantourakis (Canada) History of maximaphily MA 85
Hellenic Philatelic Society Philotelia LI 85
T. Arvanitis The prephilatelic period of the Hellenic postal service 1828-61 PH 83
K. Christou (Cyprus) The postal rates of Cyprus of the 1960s YU 77
K. Samanidis Insects …and their unknown world MA 75
ONE FRAME – No medal awarded
A. Christou (Cyprus) Greece: The Franklin D. Roosevelt 1945 issue 87
A. Christou (Cyprus) Greece: The Glory issue 83
F. Keramidoglou The revenues of Thrace 1920-22 82
G. Sparis Carried by sea 82
M. Petradakis The French post office in Rhodes 1852-1924 81
M. Tsipidis Italian occupation of the Aegean Islands 1941-43 79
P. Cangelaris The Czech Scout post 71

(TR) Traditional Philately, (PH) Postal History, (PS) Postal Stationery, (ΑΕ) Aerophilately, (TH) Thematic Philately, (ΜΑ) Maximaphily, (RE) Revenues, (YU) Youth, (LI) Philatelic Literature, (OC) Open Class, (OF) One Frame