A few days before the current issue was closed, an HPS dear friend from France, J-F Brun, sent a communication to the journal in order to share with readers his latest unexpected discovery: A Zante error, unrecorded among the twenty examples published in Philotelia in 2009 and 2010, following K. Papathanassiou’s initiative.

This particular 10 lepta stamp has its control number “10” inverted and printed on the front side. In the stamp’s light orange colour, the control number is easily distinguishable. It is undoubtedly a peculiarity that hardly goes unnoticed, while it is quite impressive. That’s why the Zante error is classified among the best known and most envied varieties of the large Hermes heads.

Since already 1933, the “Study” has estimated 12-15 known copies. Today, eighty years later, the count has reached 21. Most certainly a few more will soon be brought to light. And if one might consider that the samples so far identified are all used singles, then maybe the next one is on a fragment, or even on cover, probably a pair, why not the first and only sample in mint condition after all?

So, you should never stop searching, as J-F Brun advises in his communication. And when you find it, be sure that Philotelia will be here to announce it.