The “Hellas-Cyprus 2013” exhibition was a excellent opportunity to test our powers and ability towards the long planned international exhibition of a larger scale. The overall conclusion of the test was positive, since the necessary resources proved adequate, therefore the set up of an international exhibition seems absolutely feasible.

There is however a complication. The appropriate premises have not been secured as yet. Basic prerequisites are simple: minimal or zero rental cost, total size of approximately 1200 sq. m., a decent, clean and well lit space. G. Sparis, President of the “Hellas-Cyprus 2013” Organizing Committee, during his speech at the grand opening of the exhibition, noted emphatically to all directions that as soon as the appropriate exhibition space is provided, we shall respond accordingly.

Let us keep that in mind and let us ask ourselves whether we can discover and recommend such space. In our search we should consider that the centre of Athens may be desirable, however it is not mandatory, and that solutions away from the Capital can also be discussed. The payoff will be extremely generous: A full four-day international event, of expected participation from 15 to 20 countries, with 150 different exhibits mounted on 700 frames, a philatelic panorama of 11,000 exhibition sheets. Who can resist a proposal like this?