The members of the Editorial Committee, our collaborators, the members and friends of the Society, our readers and all those who support Philotelia have every reason to be proud of our journal, whose current number marks its 95th birthday. We are also proud of the fact that the Large Gold medal, that the journal was awarded with at the recent International Exhibition of Philatelic Literature Italia 2018, confirmed its long-standing position among the top philatelic journals in the world.

Philotelia’s last award, coupled with the steady production of excellent studies and articles of Greek philatelic interest and, most importantly, with the continuous addition of new names to the authors’ lists is certainly a pleasant chord of optimism for the years to come.

It has often been said that perhaps it is one of the oldest surviving journals in Greece, if not the oldest. Maybe it isn’t. What is most important though is to enrich its contents with new subjects, to advance research in all directions and to bring in new writers with no hesitation whatsoever, so that the journal will be able to continuously capture the strength of Hellenic philately in the most credible way.