Right from the last issue of 2021, this column referred to the next big celebration for the centenary of both the Society and the journal. In the first issue of 2022 we all have read the invitation of HPS President A. Manoloudis during this year’s General Assembly. In today’s second issue, you will find an Open Letter written by the Chairman of the Committee for the Celebration of the Centenary and Honorary HPS President, A. Virvilis, which you will read later on.

There exists an anticipated excitement. The HPS President, the Administrative Council members, and the Honorary President will make sure that the events of 2024-25 are well-designed, authentic, and to a large extent self-financed. At every given opportunity, they emphasize that this important double celebration should be a great concern for us all. The more we get involved in the new venture, the bigger its size becomes, making it even more worthy for the centenary. The power of the HPS is always its members and friends, its history and its achievements; power to be reckoned with.

The unavoidable question is obviously about the necessary expenses. This is where we will be called upon to support in every which way we are able to. Our contribution may be in money, in-kind, in know-how, in working hours, in services, even in acquaintances and contacts with important people or anything else useful for any particular occasion.

It all depends on how well designed and interesting the projects to be submitted are. Success must be guaranteed in advance and this centenary celebration must leave its own distinct mark.