May 27-31, 2009, Sofia
Awards on exhibits of HPS members or of Greek philatelic interest

L. Fanchini (France) Proofs and essays of the large Hermes heads of Greece OF 95
M. Tsironis The 1906 Olympic issue TR 92
G. Sparis The Greek-Turkish war of 1897 OC 91
E. Mavrides The 1896 first Olympics TR 86
P. Cangelaris The kingdom of Egypt (1922-1953) TR 86
Z. Zafeirakopoulos Social Providence surcharges April-September 1917 TR 85
N. Zafeirakopoulos Greece – Postal stationery 1876-1914 PS 85
M. Tsironis The 1906 Olympic issue LI 85
M. Tsironis The last Large Hermes Heads issue (1880-1886) OF 86
G. Sparis Hellenic Steam Navigation John Mac Dowall and Barbour OF 86
T. Arvanitis The preadhesive period of the Hellenic Post PH 83
J. Daes Views on the administrative seals and postmarks of the General Post (1821-1901) LI 80
J. F. Logette (France) Greece – Large Hermes Heads postal stationery PS 78
Philatelic Society of Patras Lighthouse of the philatelist LI 73
A. Galinos Revenues and fiscal history of Thrace Interaliée 1919-1920 OF 73
A. Apergis Bicycle: a familiar-unfamiliar friend TH 70
Hellenic Philatelic Society of Thessaloniki Philatelic news LI 70
L. Petropoulos Thessaloniki and stamps LI 66

(TR) Traditional Philately, (PH) Postal History, (PS) Postal Stationery, (ΑΕ) Aerophilately, (TH) Thematic Philately, (ΜΑ) Maximaphily, (RE) Revenues, (YU) Youth, (LI) Philatelic Literature, (OC) Open Class, (OF) One Frame