November 16-20, 2006, Brussels
Awards on exhibits of HPS members or of Greek philatelic interest

E. Koutsikas Hellenic administration of Dedeagatch OF 83
F. Paschos The post office of my home town Thessaloniki 1912-1950 YU 80
P. Cangelaris World scout movement TH 75
F. Keramidoglou The revenues of Thrace 1920 – 1922 OF 77
I. Chalvatzidopoulos The football TH 73
G. Douzos The life of Jesus Christ on earth YU 72
G. Sparis Hellenic Steam Navigation John Mac Dowall and Barbour OF 72
E. Olympios Theatre TH 67
A. Apergis Bicycle: A familiar-unfamiliar friend TH 65
D. Sparis The first railway cancellations in Greece OF 66

(TR) Traditional Philately, (PH) Postal History, (PS) Postal Stationery, (ΑΕ) Aerophilately, (TH) Thematic Philately, (ΜΑ) Maximaphily, (RE) Revenues, (YU) Youth, (LI) Philatelic Literature, (OC) Open Class, (OF) One Frame

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