1. The Hellenic Philatelic Society establishes a special Medal in order to award each year the services and the contribution of persons and or institutions with notable philatelic activities in the past.

2. The Medal will bear the Hermes Head and the words “Hellenic Philatelic Society”. On the reverse it will be engraved with the recipient’s name, the reason and the year of award.

3. Prerequisites and qualifications to be taken into consideration are:

A. Distinguished services to the Hellenic Philatelic Society, e.g. valuable long standing service, donations.

B. Significant services to Hellenic philately, e.g. donations, participation in international philatelic exhibitions for over 20 years, philatelic educational activity, 50 years continuous activity for the Hellenic Philatelic Societies in Greece and 25 years for the Hellenic Philatelic Societies abroad.

C. Significant promotion of the Greek stamp, e.g. participation with Greek collections in the Championship Class of F.I.P. International Exhibitions, authorship of studies in Hellenic philately with international recognition.

4. The permanent proposing committee for the award of the Medal consists of the Past Presidents, the President, the Vice President and the Secretary of the Society. The Committee in a special meeting examines the candidates’ activities, according to the criteria in article 3, and proposes the relative awards to the Administrative Council, providing the reason for the decision. The Council, which may as well propose candidates providing the reason for the decision, in a special meeting awards the medal, stipulating the number of recipients each time.

5. The award is presented to the recipient at a special ceremony, preferably during a Panhellenic or a National Philatelic Exhibition under the patronage of the Hellenic Philatelic Federation.

6. The honorary distinction to a deceased person is awarded with the inscription of his name into the Official Roll which is completed each year.

7. The present rules were unanimously adopted at the meeting of the Hellenic Philatelic Society’s Administrative Council held on October 10, 1984, and were enforced starting from the year of 1984.

[Article 4 was amended on 29.6.2005]