From day one of their establishment, two philatelic societies in Athens – the Maximaphilists since 1980, and the Thematics since 1989 – never ceased to strive for the development and spreading of philately, with publications, presentations to the public, participation in exhibitions; i.e. with every method and means available. Today, the Maximaphilists have the right to feel proud for the more than 1100 maximum cards they have produced, and the Thematics for the quarterly magazine they have published for at least fifteen years with remarkable consistency.

The fruit of the exceptional relations between the two societies and the general necessity for cooperation was the Maxi-Thema 2016 exhibition, held in a nice cultural centre in Nea Philadelphia, inside the park, with relatively easy access for visitors. The exhibition featured roughly one hundred frames with exhibits exclusively belonging to the Thematic Philately and Maximaphily Classes.

The exhibition will be remembered as another initiative aimed at the acquaintance of philately with the local authorities and the citizens of a large municipality; a wonderful opportunity for friends- philatelists to get together, an incentive for the older exhibitors to renew their exhibits and the younger to invent new ones, the reactivation of our contacts with the Hellenic Post and many more such pleasant outcomes. After all, a philatelic exhibition in which a positive outlook and healthy intentions prevail, can only produce a positive outcome.