A rather unusual exhibition is going to take place in Sarasota, USA, next January. It could be called “original” had it not already been held there twice by the local philatelic society. Where exactly is its originality? The exhibition is a philatelic exhibition of just articles with philatelic subject matter and of limited size.

Exhibitors are therefore invited to submit in digital form their articles published over the last four years, which are no longer than 8,000 words. The articles must be written in English because, as stated in the instructions, the jury assessment would otherwise not be fair. Therefore articles not in English will not be accepted in the first place. However, bilingual articles will be allowed. The first entries have already been posted on the exhibition website (www.sarasotastampclub.com); they are quite a few and of high quality, despite the fact that the deadline for applications is still a long way away: December 1st.

It seems to be a great idea which, once adapted to our own practices, might be relatively easily and inexpensively transformed into an attractive annual or biannual philatelic event.