According to reliable information, as of 1.1.2022, the use of postage stamps on domestic or international correspondence of special handling (registered, express, of declared value, cash on delivery, etc.) is discontinued. This applies to correspondence that the sender should submit to a post office counter. Postage stamps will still be used on regular mail, regardless of its weight, which the sender drops into a mailbox.

This latest requirement by the Hellenic Post (ELTA) caused some unrest. It means that the new postage stamp issues will be produced in very low quantities, given the reduced needs of the ELTA, a fact which carries considerable risks. It also means that according to the regular practice of our general modern Greek habits, not enough time was given ahead of this decision, which, from what we hear, will leave many professionals with a fairly large stock of unneeded postage stamps.

We shall not be concerned on the question that has also been raised about the end of philately. In any case, such an issue is raised, at every opportunity, already from as early as the beginning of the 20th century, with the appearance then of the mechanical cancellations. In recent years we have been dealing with the privatization of the postal organisations, the digital postage stamps, all kinds of “philatelic products”, etc. None of these phenomena are going to bring an end to philately. Its longevity is clearly our own business. How we manage it is solely our own responsibility.