“In philately, we often encounter worldwide tensions […] What is marvellous is to observe the dialogue between philatelists. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, I remember West German jurors offering gifts to their East German fellows. During exhibitions, when there were tensions between Israel and Arab countries, I noticed friendly discussions between the Israeli and Arab philatelists. This reassures us about the ability of humanity to go beyond political or religious tensions.”

The words belong to Bernard Jimenez, renowned philatelic personality, FIP Vice-President 2016-2022, and FEPA Medal 2021. They were picked up from his interview in L’Echo de la timbrologie (April 2023), which was republished on the blog of the daily Le Monde.

We certainly agree that the philatelic family opposes such tensions, does not perceive them, and does not adopt them, even if they are persistently defended every so often for long periods.

We also highlight that a world-class French newspaper has republished from a philatelic magazine the entire interview of a philatelic personality. The Echo is certainly not an ordinary case. It is the second longest-running philatelic magazine in the world, having been published continuously since November 1887!